Taxiway Lights


Wow 3 years and the devs still don’t listen(no offense FDS)


It’s not that they don’t want to listen. Taxiway lights would be a new thing and I’m sure are very complicated to design and program.


So it takes 3 years for them to make -_-


Well it’s probably not at the top of the list currently. Most want planes/reworks.


Oh that’s …nvm


Really not top of the list -- bro I can’t see anything at night or when it’s foggy I do not understand why people want rework planes more than have taxi lights like --


I wanna be able to see where I’m going you know


I don’t know whether it’s about them wanting to listen or not - but would have expected some sort of update on this topic within that 3yrs at least be it good or bad news


Like what I said up there when I landed at KBOS no visibility maybe if they you could change the weather then that would have been a different story I wouldn’t be begging for taxi lights rn but nooooooo


like ok rework the a330 add in the a350 first idc no problem always happy for soemthing new but don’t make us wait another year make the taxi lights and release em this year


The devs talked about the taxiway lights in the livestream in Las Vegas and what the problem is. The video/stream is linked below. Skip to 56:55, that’s when they talk about it.

Additionally: Adding or reworking aircraft will not slow down the development of other features. The team has people who specialise in certain areas so every developer works on something different.

The team is listening, don’t worry.


Appreciate this. Unsure why this ‘news’ wouldn’t be replicated onto IFC however, I’ve not watched the video but assuming this is just an informal chat and that’s why nothing has been written in black and white which I still think isn’t correct.


Hi Andrew. Thanks for your thoughts! Lots has been said on this topic but I’ll try to bullet point a few common issues we face that are relevant:

  • Degree of difficulty isn’t really the issue we face; it’s more “how can we achieve this on a wide range of mobile devices with varying degrees of horsepower.” Clouds are a great example of this. Anytime you add multiple levels of transparency, this requires a lot more computing power. It’s not to say it’s impossible, but it may require a level of work we have no way of estimating. Using the taxiway light example, count how many taxiway + runway lights there are in an airport and multiply this by 30x or 60x … this is the number of lights we need to draw on screen every second on top of the rest of the sim to not affect performance. Challenging.

  • Updates and Communication are both something that I’m here to help with :) We have something in the works right now for communicating a future update that will give our customers and community more info than ever before. That’s all I can say right now since it’s a work in progress, but rest assured that we’re still coming up with ways to make our communication better.

  • Timelines and Estimates are very difficult with a community that’s this engaged. We’re also still a very grassroots company. Our very small team of developers is constantly looking at new ways to adapt to changing tech while still supporting a wide variety of older devices. Hype fatigue is something that we’ve seen happen before as well. As a hypothetical example since this is the taxiway light thread is that we announce that we’re working on it, in addition to giving people an estimate of summer of 2019. In the meantime, Philippe realizes that a protocol, engine, dependency, etc. has been deprecated and has to switch gears. We’ve seen this many times. The reward isn’t worth the risk, and it makes for many more frustrated consumers than it does happy ones. With you deploying cloud-based enterprise software, you’ll likely have 100 reasons I’m wrong here and that’s okay! You also likely have a team that owes shareholders or a board of directors expectations on how the bottom line is going to increase because of your efforts. Having said all of that, we will not be giving estimates or timelines except for rare cases (such as the forthcoming scenery update). In all honesty, we may not know how long something will take.

  • To your point about not being sure why you’re paying for your subscription anymore: we pushed 6 major updates in 2018 which is a record for us. We don’t have plans to slow down, but we understand you all have to choose where your hard earned cash is going to go! 2019 has some great and exciting things in store, we’re just not quite ready to share those yet, for the reasons mentioned above.

You’re on to something there… 😏Just bear with me for a while. Andrew, I’m happy to discuss this further with you privately if you want to drop some corporate implementation wisdom on me.



Not to mention that there are how many major airports in the US let alone the world that you would have to place taxi lights on not to mention that if you wanted them to be ATC controlled like hold short lines that would also be another programming issue to tackle. The shear size of this one project of taxiway lights versus one aircraft is a huge difference.


thank you for this! Maybe try adding the lights onto some big airports first ? Not all airports the world add em to maybe LAX Heathrow Hong Kong or sfo jfk


This is basically like a global level kind of update you know? A challenge


Number of airports isn’t the challenge. If we added this to ONE airport with our current technology, that airport would be unusable.


unusable? in what way? Do you mean like everyone would flood that airport or am i missing something?


I think that he’s trying to say that if they implemented it to one airport, it would not be optimized at all, so it might cause big performance issues.


I wonder if giving taxi lights a very short render distance would help? like you can only see lights for like 50 or so feet in front of you.