Taxiway Lights


Well yes, but let’s enjoy what we have now haha 😉


Yes and let us hope that in the future these feature requests will come true



I would also like to comment on some things. The updates are far too late. we always have to wait very long. Of course I know it all takes time but it just takes too long. Cloud layers would be really realistic .!

I was shocked when I read that the tuning for taxiway lights is 3 YEARS OLD. So that’s a whole lot ago. The strobe lights have become more beautiful, but before the global update, the strobes were dazzled on the asphalt. I found that really nice realiatisch back then. today, the strobes are a bit lighter but on the asphalt, the dimming is not visible.

3D buildings is another thing.

I can well imagine that there will be many bugs in 3D buildings and the game will also hang extremely. I had an Iphone 8 before and I could play my very highest resolution. currently I have an S6 I can only play on medium. But there you have nothing to do with what has to do with the processor of the mobile phone. if the 3D buildings would come my cellphone would always crashed.

another point is it would be nice if you also have a cabin perspective in other planes like 737-800 or others like the CRJ.

And something else I noticed.

There are very few Turkic liverys. It would have been nice to see a SunExpress or Pegasus on the 737-800 update. or eurowings a320.


Taxiway lights are ready to be implemented. But, it’s regarding performance most likely RAM and possibly an overheating CPU. That’s why they haven’t been implemented


Taxiway lighting could cause cpu overheating? The level of graphics etc on this game make me think that wouldn’t be an issue. How do you know taxiway lighting is there and ready to be implimented?


Apparently so. It’s like how the CRJ was: It was so detailed that it caused bad performance. So they optimized it. Hopefully we’ll get it soon though 😁😉

I’ll get the link from it, I forgot where it was though

Edit: here’s two examples:



There are even some more issues to make twy lights realistic:
They cam in different types, on the edge and aside the edge, the have different spacing depending on curve radius and length of straight parts, and dependent on local regulations…
And its not only about the blue edge lights, there are also stopbar lights in different types, twy Centerline lights, ILS critical centerline lights, boarder lights…
And they are LIGHTS, on of the most complex parts in programming and rendering. There is a reason why there is a whole Industry just about light effects in computer animations.


Omg omg omg please I want taxi lights so bad.


This is a very good idea but I think it should only be visible once the aircraft is on the ground. If you remember last year on the 7th of July an Air Canada A320 almost landed on top of three aircraft holding short of the runway at San Fransisco. If a fully trained pilot can make this mistake what stops us from doing it too. If ATC hadn’t spotted it at the last minute it could have caused the biggest aviation disaster in history. Link to NTSB video below :


hooraa is an Army thing!


This really needs to bea thing. Night mode is pointless because you can’t see a thing. All you can see is the runways (barely)


To be honest guys it is going to be a really hard thing to do. The lights can’t be seen once in the air and should only be seen at certain angles.


Yesterday on expert server I just flew from KLGA to KBOS with literally no visibility below 3000 so when I was on final I couldn’t see anything hit the taxi lights I still made in the runway though at kbos at runway 27 but once I got the runway I couldn’t find the exit or taxiway cuz of the visibility I’m pretty sure if there was taxi way lights could’ve probably exited the runway and went on to pro at a gate but I had to end it there since there was a plane landing behind me didn’t wanna get ghosted but yea FDS please? Add this I can’t see anything at night as well this is cruical to night flying and with no visibility flying and or landing I literally can’t see anything with no visibility but the runway lights


I know the most votes is the a330 but like I can’t see anything at night barely or with no visibility please add this I always have to end my flight on the runways when I land on an airport with no visibility (I like flying on areas with no visibility)


Voted, and keeping my flights on daytime until this is implemented.


Now don’t get me wrong - this game is honestly fantastic. Aircraft appearance is unreal and the abilities we have to work with. But I don’t much care for the thought of “this is so hard”. It sounds like a cop-out excuse. What would really be nice to see is an actual staff member post on the threads, or some place in announcements for the staff to post what kinds of updates are in the works and also provide ESTIMATED timelines. I don’t care what line of business you’re in - projects have milestones and deadlines to keep employees on track to satisfy their client base. I’ve been paying for almost a year now and I’m not entirely sure what I’m paying this monthly subscription for anymore. The 737 rework was amazing, and the CRJ adds were awesome too. And I never notice a difference in terrain even tho I saw updates about it. But almost a year and this is all we’ve seen? I mean come on, let’s be real here. As paying customers, I don’t think it’s so wrong to think that we should hear more detailed project information from the staff.


You pay for the Server infrastructure that keeps Global running.
And I can understand that they do not give estimate timeframes. The kids that hang around here will give a sh** that it’s an estimate, and will go crazy if something got. delayed for what ever reason.


As a paying costumer to another - besides not renewing your subscription I think you should immediately cease using IF and writing in the forum. That will make your point!

PS -
Appreciate your Business, Service & Project Management 101. This should be on #tutorials.


I am literally an Implementation Project Manager at my company and we deploy cloud based enterprise software, so I know exactly what I’m talking about and don’t need a lesson, that is if you’re being sarcastic. Also never said I was cancelling my sub, simply stating a thought.


Preach brother. An official standpoint on these features is what’s needed - for all we know it we could be here 3yrs on from when this feature was first requested still talking and hoping for it - the only ever updates I’ve seen or been given seem like speculation. Ignore @royfr83 - some people type before engaging their brain on IFC