Taxiway Lights


I landed at eham Saturday and couldn’t see a thing except the runway lights. I had to end the flight on the runway because I couldn’t see anything.


You can always turn the sun on :-) by changing your time in the app once you land. That’s what I do if I land at night.


I get what your saying, but all I’m saying is that It’ll take quite the effort and that is what I appreciate about the Devs! Thanks for picking me up!


another cool addition is that if youre 1st in line at for example Gatwick 26L, you would be able to control the runway light brightness depending on visibility, like in real life at some airports, this is known as High Intensity Runway Lighting or HIRL for short, an example is shown here:


I would love to see this!😁


Sounds like a nice addition… except I bet most people would just set it to max brightness all the time ;)


That would be AWESOME


Sad. I’m a patient person, but This topic is over 3 years old and has yet to be implemented. It’s probably never going to happen at this point lol


I was just reading it and saw the date on it


Infinite flight need to worry about what people want in infinite flight


I’m not trying to be rude to infinite flight as i think they are doing an amazing job. But if they want to keep people happy they are going to have to work on the things people want. These things are basic if you know how to code. Im not meaning to affend infinite flight but they need to start doing things like this post that had been up for 3 years and yet nothing’s has been done about it. Well from what I heard from the staff is that they are working on all the features that people have requested. So if these request can be done it will make people happy as you might already know. So if these things can be added well let’s say this year possibly and make people happy. Thanks


So true . 🙄👍


Well im just stating facts here and those facts is what can make people happy in what they want.


is there any official word on whether this is happening or not? or even in the pipeline?


Well im not saying that it should be there number 1 priority it’s just look this thread was made in 2016. Now it also has 800+ votes on it. If something like this had 100 votes I would under stand. But there are also votes with 1000+ votes so i should be expecting those updates soon. But if i was a staff I would look at the most oldest features that people had suggested and work on them. If anyone understands what im saying


Agreed. Some suggestions come under the same umbrella such as this to basically enhance the night flight experience which is currently non-existent - i don’t see flying in a black screen as much of an experience at the minute


Even city lights would make the night time experience look better. For instance just having going lights on the major cities or even just over a state to make it look more realistic and more exiting to fly at night time


Now I’m not to sure if this is already a feature request but this would be good


Yes, that would be nice. But that would take A LOT of time, unless FDS can auto generate lights around cities somehow. When global released I was surprised that they could do it. Who knows… 🤷‍♂️😀


Well let’s just say that infinite flight has a lot to do