Taxiway Lights


Last summer in Vegas Laura said that the lighting system is “something we want to improve in the future”.


Know when that’ll be happening?


Sometime soon, hopefully!


In FlightCast Las Vegas, Val said that the finished airports he gets from the editors already have the taxiway lights with them, but to activate them would make the game “unplayable.”

Shortly after, Philippe said that the current lighting system is something that was “coded many years ago” and would need to be redone. When this will be finished is unclear.


They really need to make this the first update of 2019


Honestly, this would be tough to tackle considering they would probably have to edit those lighted taxiway features into alot of Airports. Which would require extensive time and effort, we can expect this in the future but they should probably take their time on this. I guess you can only start it off with international/major airports but its just my take on the issue.


You that’s right! LAX! KSFO! JFK! Hongkong !! Heathrow Dubai that’s right!


Don’t forget KSJC (you have to know that airport). It’s really colorful


Or Nassau down in the bahamas


I don’t 😂😂😂😂 sad


Maybe they should add em to KLAX first or something lax dont get that much attention now a days so u know lots of peeps finna be there



How do you not know KSJC but you know KSFO? D: and you live in Anaheim

I love the taxiway lights at KSJC, there are a lot of color over there and they don’t look at confusing as KSFO


Is that San Jose?


My Home airport is John Wayne but 👌👌 I only know the big airports down here in LA


U know lax ksfo etc


Just flash your landing lights when you see them come like the Philippines Airlines plane hahaha!


Oh it gets its alright. causal and training.


I’ve wanted this as well as buildings since I started infinite flight


Nah I don’t think buildings will be Possible any soon taxi lights first because I think it would cause lag lol we don’t want Minecraft graphics on the buildings


Just thought I’d point this out, but the Airport Editing Team already puts these lights into our airports and many already have them, the developers just have to figure out how to implement them. Hopefully this brings your hopes up a bit. 😊