Taxiway Lights


800 votes!

I might vote to!


Even if Taxi way lights were implemented at only the busiest airports for a while then the smaller ones after I would be happy with that


Will airport editors be the one working on this? Or devs?


@luwest both somehow.
The Airport editors do include all lighting informtion in the edits that go into the database. This includes Taxywaylights, stopbar lights, Approchalights, … And also the lights that are already seen in IF light Runwaylights, PAPI, VASI, …
Its all there in the Database.
The Developers job is it to program this to be rendered in IF. And that is the more complex part.


This feature will be a revolution in the IF when it finally arrives.


That’s gonna be amazing

   Agreed! I think the same!


Imagine at KSFO on a foggy morning with clouds, weather, and a Singapore Airlines A350-900 landing runway 28L. And to top it off a KLM 787-9 landing right beside it on 28R. Someday,… just someday.


That’s a very…specific fantasy.

Imagine being at KDEN on a stormy night with clouds, weather, and a Lufthansa A350-900 landing 35L. And to top it off a United 787-9 landing right beside it on 35R. Someday…just someday.


I second the request


How has still already not been requested haha


Are we sure we want taxiway lights? Those Air Canada pilots over in San Francisco wouldn’t really like that.


What do you mean by this?


this kind of atmospheric effects that I’d love to see !! (same for the strobes for sure)


OMG it would be awesome to land after a long flight! and looking for that airport or destination, because there are some great views of the taxiways, during night!


Actually it will be great at night only te airport it self but while you are flying around the scenery still looks bad especially with the mountains they don’t look realistic and look really bad at night idk Why and also the ground is just pure black so they should at least add something on the ground maybe yellow lights or something for buildings it looks boring and it will still look boring at night flying because the lights for the cities are off


Anybody know if this is ever gonna happen?


I think they said that they added them to recently edited airports, but the devs just need to enable them. Don’t quote me on this, but I think it is what I heard.


Exactly that.


Got my vote!