Taxiway Lights


Perhaps make the landing lights visible on the ground, like the strobe lights are?


Or maybe actually add taxi lights 😮


That’s a different thing. I like the idea of having taxi lights illuminating the ground but adding this is actually even harder than adding the little dots on the ground in different colors.
This thread is only for taxiway lights (marking the center of the taxiway, runway- and taxiway entrances as well as exits, holding lines, and important markings on the ground), not for taxi lights (lights on the aircraft illuminating the ground area) or taxiway markings (little signs next to the taxiways or painted on the ground which are basically telling you on which taxiway you are, this would need the addition of airport maps, too).

To meak it clear: this thread is only asking for taxiway lights, not to be confused with all other improvements which could be added to improve the ground experience.

Of courses I would be down for any kind of ground improvement like everyone else here in the community!


Whoop whoop :D


You got my vote. Would be Great to see this in infinite flight!


the taxiway light will be really nice and helpful for night flights, I would love to see if IF add that


Really need this, night flying is difficult in IF.


Strobes are not visible on the ground (at least IF came out with global)


The moon is making it bright.


That would be nice! It’s so hard to see when i try to take off for my over-night long haul flights! Tip: When you taxi, set your time to daytime. on the runway, set time to night again. That works for me. If its low visibility, unfortunately changing the time will only help a little.


I do not know exactly what you were trying to say but strobe lights are visible on the ground. Sorry if this is off - topic. I have voted for taxiway lights though and think they would help so much as for now, I put the time as noon and wait until on the runway or after takeoff to adjust the time to night or something as otherwise, it strains my eyes.


I am saying that the strobes are not visible on the ground. IF took them out when global was released


Oh I apologize. It was my mistake…

Global Flyer1


I can’t wait for this feature! I feel it in the works!


yeah, hoping logo lights would be included too!


I’m sure that mobile sim is better in some areas and I’m sure IF is better in some areas than the other one.


This needs to be added. I cannot see ship (that was intentional) when taxiing at night with full brightness.


I avoid night flying because of this. I can’t see the taxiways, and it isn’t really realistic this way. If we had taxi lights, I’m sure I, and many other people would fly at night.


Really when ?


Imagine this in IF if the they reworked the whole lighting on the planes as well and like they’ve added clouds too man you know they be making tons of money if they had this