Taxiway Lights


It is impossible to taxi at night and you can give up at low visibility. I always set the time back to sunset or skip to sunrise, depends on the local time. Sadly there are still no taxi lights and no advanced runway lights. This feature is so needed, in my opinion it’s more important than any aircraft rework/new aircraft. At least at the biggest airports.


This topic has many votes, and I’m looking forward to seeing this feature active in the IF, as this will make the night flights level up.


I think all lights either on ground or on airplane need to be brighter than what they are because they dont do anything


I totally agree. It would make the simulator so much more fun and realistic than any new aircraft.


yeah, the flash frequency is slower than real


Hope FDS starts working on that soon


I think that if adding lights on the taxiways take a lot of work and time, we should do the major airports only first, and update that ASAP. Los Angeles, San Francisco, JFK, London Heathrow, Beijing Capital, and Seoul Inchen need taxi light desperately. Please help add lights on these airports first. There are so many flights!


I find myself using day time flying all the time because of the lack of realism as far as lights go. I have used day time to taxi to a runway simply cause I can’t see the see the taxiways at night and there are no markings. The little blue lights help pilots manuaver around an airport at night a lot more easily. When I am taxing onto the runway. I turn my strobes and landing lights on and again. No realism due to no reflection of the lights. We have sun and moon reflection on the aircraft. Yet no reflection of aircraft lighting on the ground which makes it nearly impossible to move around airports at night. Good suggestion and I hope they fix this, for so far. I really enjoy this sim more than any other mobile based sim.


This is a must have! Can’t taxi at night.


Is it just me, or have anybody else noticed some improvement in moonless nights since 18.4?
Looks like the brightness was slightly adjusted (still hard to plan your taxiway ahead but at least i’m able to see more of the taxiway straight ahead of me).

I used my normal brightness config. on my device.


I hope we see this with the A330 Update


Hey I just got a good idea for the taxiway lights
You would take the strips of lights that are on the C130 and it would only illuminate at night I’m not sure how this will work but I think it is a good idea


Unrealistic in my opinion. We got some information about the taxiway lights, the devs said that they’re well aware about it but I takes a lot of resources and work. The possible rework of the A330, maybe the addition of more models or the A340 would also take a whole lot of work. I think everyone agrees that taxiway lights would be awesome, but we have to wait patiently and they will probably come in an update only dedicated to them.


This does seem like a fairly big effort but would be worth it I believe and drive more traffic to the game.


I have noticed that when on the cockpit holding short the other planes landing lights or strobes are not visible. You have to switch to external cameras in order to see them.


I have mentioned this issue before with the topic , they said they are aware of it and have added to the issue list.


i hope this is added soon


Ye man i love what you just said we need more models but it will take more work an then maybe the Taxiway lights later on


I‘m sure we will get some information at the upcoming event.


Can’t wait to see what they are going to announce :D Taxiway lights would be a humongous improvement!