Taxiway Lights


I’m hoping they come soon. But I don’t think it’s a problem with habdilibg it. The graphics we have paired with global and planes, I think they can make it work.


I am sure they can make it work. We shall just have to see where it is in the list of priorities.


In this case, taxilights should be added.


More votes! More votes! xD


600!!! Do we win a prize? Or how does this work? Someone should host an event to celebrate 600 votes on this


Maybe if we surpass 790 votes (Amount the A330 rework has), they’ll add it 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️


It’s normal the Sun isn’t only the primary source of light in Infinite Flight there is also the Moon (well in reality it’s still the Sun). You had set the time and date to the current and if we check on this website :

You can see by yourself that we are nearly in a “full moon” which illuminates the night sky by a lot and makes flying in night so much easier and enjoyable.

The truth is FDS (especially Kevin) is working on bringing the taxiway lights into the simulator, proof below :

Val stated that if they were to implement this feature now, Infinite Flight would be unplayable and as Brandon said :

Lights are costly in resources (for the device) and the goal for the team is not to make a feature work but making a feature work properly and in the most efficient way.


would it be hard to make the aircraft’s lights illuminate the ground?


Yes, this would be a complicated part. Pixar has some specialists only for moving lights…


Found this video for everyone interested in runway and taxi lights. Especially the taxi lights would be a huge improvement to IF at sunset/night/sunrise.


Looks like a good idea, I think there should be an option in Settings > general to enable taxiway lighting if it ever does get introduced.


Great idea I really hope they can add this to the next update! I was trying to taxi at night a few days ago and it was impossible to see the taxiways. Infinite flight please consider adding this simple thing to the simulator. Thanks, Alex.


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