Taxiway Lights


My apologies if this is a duplicate,
But I believe aswell as taxiway lights, another feature should be taxiway signs and names.
If each taxiway in an airport is signed with a name, ATC instructions can be made in much more detail, adding realism into the simulator. For example, instead of ‘taxi to runway 27L’ the ATC can instruct the pilot to taxi to runway 27L via ‘Alpha 11’ for instance, or, vacate the runway at whiskey. This means that traffic can move around airports in a more organised and orderly fashion.
The signs which are labelling each taxiway should light up at night, keeping them as visible as the taxiways themselves once the lights are added.
Let me know if a separate topic should be made for this!


This would be a different feature.
And it would be a more difficult feature, for some reasons.
One is that they are currently not added to the airports by the editors to the airports. Therefor the required data are missing in the database.
Another one is that they are 3D objects, and the airports in IF are currently flat 2D objects. That makes a huge difference in programming and performance.

In contrary the taxiway lights are already added to the airports by the Airport editing team, so they are in the database. For performances, and may be some reasons unknown to me, they are not programmed to show up in IF.

Regards, Tom
Airport Editor


Fair point, but I guess they don’t necessarily have to be 3D. possibly they could be made just as flat stickers or pictures on the ground. Or if that too isn’t achievable at this stage, the taxiways could be just labeled on the map to still make it possible to idenify each one, similar to in the below picture.


what do you mean by guide?


What I meant was that not only are the lights visible, that they also have enough luminesence to be able to see the taxiway at the same time and by following the profile of the lights you can visibly see the apron and be guided to the gates.


Oh ok I thought you meant the taxilight system (follow the greens) cause that would be a phenomenal feature


Just gonna bump this because i think its super neccesary :)


Gonna bump this again cause this is so needed, I did a flight at night and I couldn’t see where I was going whatsoever ;)


That would be very good, I’m sure “FDS” is studying to add this feature to the ‘’ IF ‘’, I also know it will take a while because this requires studies and strategies, the ‘’ IF ‘’ and a fully programmed application for special system so to add something so it will totally change the application, it will take a lot of time, plus make sure this will be added.


Bumping this. I have gone on the grass several times due to the lack of lights


Did IF just made night brighter? I am flying in Turkey at 1am at felt that its much brighter and I could see the taxiways.


Maybe you had your brightness all the way up…


I don’t think so. It’s probably your phone proformance. Did you clear your scenery cache recently? @kevinlu1999


No I did not. Just suddenly feel its much brighter today. Not sure why.


You probably saw so well because the pavement was black and the airport is on top of a desert. This makes the pavement easier to see (black vs white contrast).


Just a quick question. When you say lights, do you mean all lights. Like gate lights too? Or just taxi lights?


An easier TEMPORARY fix, that could be released quicker is make the plane’s landing lights illuminate the ground. then u could see your way, that way the devs wouldn’t have to go and add lights to every airport. It kinda makes sense cuz there are lots of airports with minimal lighting…but a landing light is required always!


We only add taxiway lighting sorry


However this does mean that you can see the parking gate? From the light with the taxi lights? Just another question, have you ever asked philape why he won’t just “flip the switch” it seems to be anoting that we don’t have them.


It’s much harder than just “flipping the switch” for the taxi lights… There’s a ton of optimization that would need to be done so devices can handle it. If it was just that easy, I’m sure they would already be in the sim. Patience is key so just hang tight and I’m sure they’ll come someday. Keep voting! 👍