Taxiway Lights


I invite everyone to go for youtube and see infinite flight videos since 2014 for example. this serves to realize how much progress has been made in all these years to this day. Taxi lights are very necessary but you have to give them time. such a simulator is not done from one day to the next. compare what was before with what is today and reflect.


Er…guys…this getting as off topic as the DC10/MD11 Tracking Thread did, maybe even worse. If you guys want to argue than do it inside of a group PM, not on a feature request thread.

The guys at FDS are doing a great job, so please don’t criticize them for something that is a basic requirement but could be hard to implement.

E.g Taxi lights could well be quite difficult to implement so they don’t glitch out and stuff like that. They’re lights so require quite a lot of work on the dynamics and physics of them.

Still, was quite amusing to read those arguments though.

Back on topic please. I would love to see this feature implemented, but I don’t think it is completely necessary.

Solution: if you can’t see at nightime, turn up the brightness on your phone to MAX while ur taxiing (then you can turn it down when you’ve taken off and autopilot is on). If your phone brightness is already at MAX and you still cant see properly, get a better phone with a better screen. boom roasted!! 😂😂


10 more votes right. I love this idea


500 guys whoop whoop. Good job


Soon hitting a330 rework territory;))


We need this in IF with the current updates that are being released!


In a way, it has better odds than the a330, considering that it is the most voted for non-aircraft feature.


This was said by Laura on the loving the new update topic, thought this might help the conversation.


Definitely worth a vote ;)


Otherwise what will they do for the next update


The taxiways light is a good idea


I don’t get the feeling taxiway lights are in the current pipleline or even a priority based on that fact she said it is “something we want to work on at some point”. Some point doesn’t indicate urgency or anytime soon to me.


Lighting on the ground seams to be a high priority wish in the community:

approach lights


you know guys, this feature might pass the airbus’s redesign in votes


Taxiway lights will be awesome feature. You have my vote!!!


Not happening! Although I’m heavily in favor of this request as well :)


Yes Vote would be a great addition


Already passed the A350 family


Not the A330 though :P


I’m pondering redoing one of my votes for this. Lol