Taxiway Lights


Taxing in the dark is impossible atm. I hope we can see this implemented soon


Super good idea, I vote.


Some work on modeling, some work on the physics, some work of the graphics. That way everything is done at a certain pace. For all we know the darn turboprop could be getting the physics and modelling done and the graphics workers are working on better lights right now


I agree, I once taxiied on grass to the gate. XD


LegendaryRoro88 I did too 😂😂😂😂😂


We really need taxiway lights. I can`t see anything at night. I do not know where I am taxing. Do I taxi through the terminal or the highway? I do not know. Taxiway lights needed. 👍 Vote +


Even if they aren’t in all the airports at first, I would love to see them in some major airports…

Man, I hope this feature gets implemented soon


Got my vote. I would love taxiway lights, it would just make it SO much more realistic.


I think this should be a priority to the devs, cause we can’t really enjoy night flying this way, but as it was mentioned before, its up tp the developers


you mean the crj or some thing else


The lack of attention to detail is disappointing at times. This is such a basic requirement which should free up votes for other topics.


The lack of appreciation to what we currently have is disappointing at times. This is such a basic human trait which you should have and utilize a little more.

The developers can only work on so much at a given time. You can’t really expect them to work on 1,000 feature requests for an update, and expect it to come out in a week. They’re not robots; they have families and a life outside of work. Just like any other job.


I agree with @DeerCrusher, and to add to his point, the devs don’t have three hands, they only have two working on one thing at a time, just the way we do things, and the way we do things efficiently.
Why do I say this? Because I care about the quality and effort of these updates. If they have to start working on this due to the community’s impatience, then updates will be rushed and important details will be missed.

So please be patient with this request and don’t start nagging at the Devs and saying it’s their fault. The Devs have families, and so do we. So how would you like it if you were nagged at by thousand just because you haven’t gotten around to taxiway lights, and you have family to take care of! These amazing people are already in beta with the Bombardier CRJ Rework, and have a lot to get to, so I say again, please be more patient and just take a moment to appreciate the Devs!

And by the way, save your votes for this if you already haven’t and save it for when the Devs get around to it! 😉




Totally agree. Thank you FDS for the infinite fun this game provides.

Still, given the huge demand for this feature, it would be very nice if they state something official about it.

Is it even practicable? I would love to know.
Is it planned to be at work sometime? I’d love to know.
Is it considered a nice-to-have-but-not-urgent? I’d love to know.


I’ve done that before and it sucks driving through grass I nearly cried 😭😭😭😭


A typical response I have come to expect on this forum. When a person points out a fact, examine it on its merit rather than going on the defensive.


But your not pointing out a fact but rather saying that you feel that it “lack of attention to detail.” The devs understand that people want Taxiway lights but its not expected that they can magically create taxiway lights without it taking time. the FDS team was working really hard every day to get global out and now the CRJ update which is something that many people are looking forward to. So instead of stating its the dev team that should really “pay more attention to detail” how about just state why you feel this feature you feel is important to support this thread. Saying its the FDS fault for failing to pay attention to detail won’t get you any farther.


I would ask you a simple question…are the taxiways as detailed to enable one taxi at night?


Not completely. But that is the literal reason for this thread. To request for the feature not complain and blame about the lack of one. End of discussion cause I don’t want it to go any farther.


Opinions are opinions. I was only pointing out an incorrect observation that I recognized you had said. Take what you want but only you can make the change. 😉