Taxiway Lights


Just so you know IFAE isn’t airport editors- it’s aviation experts. We can add lighting in the editing software it just doesn’t show in IF


I feel like know one is looking at this topic any more


Not every topic can stay active :)


It would be great to see this feature!


Taxiway lights are very essential for Global! Currently, I have to turn up the brightness on my iPad to see where the heck I’m going when taxiing at night. This killed a lot of my battery life. Taxiway lights increases the realism and of course it’ll help us taxi at night :)


Same here, I have to turn up full brightness and then my phone starts to overheat just in order to see at night.


I have had my vote on this ever since votes were introduced. So necessary, especially for global.


Yes! I find taxi lights kind of calming too. When I’m flying at night or in a hotel close to the airport (like the Hilton at O Hare) I just stare out at all the lights. Idk why it calms me but I sure do like it! Is this weird? 😂


It will prabobly come out when global releases. But that’s just speculation, I’m not sure.


Let’s not forget about the two types of runway guard lights!


As global approaches, people will be flying with real time on more and hence night flights will be more popular, these are really needed


This is a must! At night we can’t barely see any taxi ways - definitely voted :)


Go to KPSP at night you can’t see anything. This should have been In the SIM from the first place. Voted 👍👍


I would love flying at night if we had this! :)


They definitely need to add this after global!


I think taxiway lighting should be a top priority after global (hopefully it’ll be included with global). Taxiing at night is painful without the lighting.


I don’t think is being added with global


Gotcha. I just hope it comes soon after then, it’s a critically needed update for night ops.


It’s not coming for global, but hopefully for another update. One of those things that seem small, but make a huge difference.


At least we have runway lights, I’m happy it is confirmed