Taxiway Lights

Ask the A350 fans if we should stop all work on the aircraft to figure out all of the issues holding us back from releasing taxiway lights (because there is no way to estimate the ETA on that work). See what they say and get back to me 😉


I thought, as per some of the replies to me above, that the people who work on aircraft are separate to the ones who sort other bits ie clouds?

Haha exactly my point. Kind of renders the “we don’t need…” down to argumentative and off-topic.

Now that we agree, let’s get back to taxiway lights. It’s in the works.


Have I missed that previously, or is this the first official confirmation for taxiway lights?


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I think with this one, the follow-the-greens system will be useful especially in very busy airports.

Check this article out:

You did:

If you scroll up on that topic you can watch the full stream.


Ah thanks! There was a unspecific feeling that I have heard it somewhere, but couldn’t remember where an if it was official.
Now, I have a free vote. :-)


By all kinds of lights does that include city lights?

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Does this mean we can remove our votes for this thread now?

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Well said.

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Yes I would love this. With that also plane lights that actually shine so you can see better when is dark.


Yea that’s why we need this

Meanwhile, a shot in the mid-night. 🌙

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📷 As seen above, a brilliant picture taken in Tokyo Narita. And if Taxi Lights will be introduced into Infinite Flight, this will simply look beautiful, anywhere in the world! As time will fly, we will be able to take shots like this. Lets hope to see some progress soon, or one day!


1290 Votes!

They’re supposedly going to work on them after the first iteration of clouds is released, but they also said they’d be out in Near Future about 4 years ago so who knows, but they are needed especially with the community base and game growing…


1296 votes but still no lights…


We need it. This is the highest voted feature request.


They’re going to start working on them as soon as they release clouds which should be sometime soon, as they were supposed to be released with the xcub but were held back for who knows why. And coding the lights will be a challenge with ambient lights, probably millions of them. with all lights around the world. Not an easy job. not a flick of a switch.


May as well give up even asking :( Still waiting for those clouds that were supposed to come out in July!

Maybe they decided to make the clouds better so that’s why they didn’t add it in July?

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