Taxiway Lights

I think the taxi lights should have been updated long ago, but unfortunately they don’t.
Hope to see taxiway light in the future


They will be worked on once Project Metal is complete.

Project Metal will allow developers to work on features like Clouds, active weather, 3d buildings, and lights. So right now we should wait for it to be finished and then we can start getting hyped about this new features


Yes I think so. Still I looked back and understand what was going so I’ve learnt something. Thanks

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Yeah, the game becomes more unenjoyable at night when you can’t see the taxi ways. If we could at least have properly working landing lights, I would be fine with that, but this whole not being able to see at night without changing your brightness or time of day gets old real fast IMO.


The absence of taxiway lights is what makes me avoid taking off or landing at an airport during night time.
It’s just so hard to see the taxi lines due to absence of lighting.

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I’m waiting for project metal to have this and its helpful during heavy fog, and at night when there’s no moon

People back in 2015: Taxiway lights should be added! to help this Game!


No bright taxiing light on nose gear, and no airport taxiing lights make it very very difficult to taxi in bad weather and at night, I hate flying out or into foggy airports because of this, sometimes I plan to depart out of Heathrow early in the morning and then delay the flight because of the visibility

Totally agree!!!

True. The aircraft lights in sim are just so dim. It’s very unrealistic.

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Am I the only one that just now realized that the OP hasn’t posted since 2015? Do you think he knows how popular this request is? Is he ok?


No worries! We are always learning!!! :D

I just want this added so I can always keep the time on current time and so I dont need to make it noon to taxi

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This vote is among the highest in the IFC, reaching almost 2000 votes, just less than 300 to go.

But it’s still frustrating to realise the replies here advising that “it will be done with project metal”, which, is actually true. So we’re requesting something that could only be done after something else is done, we’re wondering in two stages.

So any more push we do here is futile, the devs I read somewhere are already working hard on it through the said revolutionary engine overhaul. Not on this engine we’re currently on. Never could be done in any 15.x, 16.x, 17.x, 18.x, 19.x nor in any 20.x updates for that matter, maybe.

Votes could go on to 5000 here but it will always be only after project metal shows some light.
Pun intended.

So are we barking on the wrong tree here?
Is this heavily voted “wait for project metal” taxi light thread getting too old?
Well, it is, literally!

So I think we’d be very happy pilots when IF would activate its Project Metal Update Blog once again and would be so kind to give us a little peek on how it’s goin’ on a regular basis, as last I heard of it was a plan to commence on it almost a year ago on January 2020 (cmiiw).

That way I’d stop asking about lights and just home in on those news so that we won’t be kept in the dark with this highly anticipated request.
Pun intended, again lol.


Hello @CaptJJ! You have made a good and fair point, but I would like to shine a light on the situation for you. Currently, the staff are working extremely hard on the brand new 20.3 update. After this update arrives, the spotlight will possibly be turned towards project metal, but I won’t speculate. We also have to think about how much development has gone into the simulator this year since January, and attention has largely been directed at these updates, and how they cause our devices to glow for a little while after them. Have a great day!


Hopefully the appropriate lighting will be added in the future because it’s very hard on the eyes at night.

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Emphasized “2000 years later” 🤣

I think we need to wait for project metal to happen first


But when will it finished?

Maybe 21.1 update…

Let’s hope for the best 🙂. We definitely need this.