Taxiway Lights


With the new update out, the minimum visibility just got even more minimum. And I love flying IFR while in solo or whenever there is minimums on the servers. And when ever I land and am at taxi speed its a bit hard to find the taxiways. My idea is that we add the neon blue taxiway lights like at the real airport so people don’t accidentally go through grass or another aircraft in live because I know for a fact that some people would.

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Why would that be? @Rotate


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It’s not just flipping a switch; Philippe would need to design graphics for these lights, just like everything else.


I would think that the devs would add this on in the snap of a finger. Would be kinda cool and pretty useful in IFR conditions


I would think it would be a good realism effect and useful in minimal IFR conditions


I think this is definitely likely to show up in one of the next updates. The devs have already said they want to do proper landing lights and other lights, so I think this should be coming.


If we added approach and taxi lights, that would be such a huge step for FDS!


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The lighting system as a whole could do with an update. Without actual lights taxiing at night is virtually impossible.


Reviewed some of my 2 year old Facebook & Feedback postings on Approach Arrays/Blue Taxiway Lights/Signage/Markings/Rway Numbering. Am sure the Rway guys picked up on this! Maybe this chg is in the box marked Hanger Queen 3d & miscellaneous. I believe what we have here is a “Failure to Communicate” (So said the Warden to my country cousin: Cool Hand Luke! )
Max Sends

(Ok who said put Max in the box?)

Lights on the taxiway

Please guys vote my idea “Taxiway lights, signs and landmarks”, I really do hope FDS will put a status on it ASAP :-)
Those features are essential for a decent night/fog guidance on taxiways and parkings, it must be planned for a better gameplay, for sure! ^^


Would love to see this idea added!


If IF added this would they be the first?


It’s a must! Night flying is barely possible. We either get proper taxi, landing and logo lights or taxiway lights.


I really like that feature


Or possibly all 3😉


i also think this would improve infinite flight better but keep working hard guys


Yes, this is at the top of my list. The blue lights on the taxiway’s edge and the green in the centre. I really hope Philippe can find some time to work on this in the future, as I think it would be a must needed improvement.