Taxiway Lights

I was recently ghosted for inadvertently straying from a taxiway during a nighttime flight. Since the inability to light taxiways is an IF software limitation, imposing a penalty for conduct that is not generally prohibited (i.e., night flight) seems misplaced—since the punishment cannot correct behavior beyond limiting flight operations to non nighttime hours (something the program does not generally prohibit). I suggest that while a report for such an infraction would notify the pilot of the error, ghosting the offending pilot accomplishes no real purpose.


You can control the time 🤷‍♂️


Would be in your interest to contact the ATC who ghosted you via a PM.
I’m sure if you explained your problem, they would be willing to work something out.
If you can’t find the name of the ATC here on the IFC, just ask here.

Definitely think you should PM the ATC. Probably should’ve been more careful while taxing, by switching to day, but I definitely see where you are coming from.

Yeah this is a problem, I’m sure it could be fixed if you contact the controller

You could’ve just changed the time and avoided the whole situation overall, it’s okay to deviate from your time and change back, the time they see is up to them.

Did you get a warning first?

There could’ve been a “this is not a taxiway” command.

If he gave you that warning then you probably were right to be ghosted. If he didn’t you’re in the right either way. I’m sure this is something that could be worked out

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For the future, I’d just change the time while taxiing. Until then, contact the controller and try to work something out.

You can vote for taxiway lighting here:

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