Taxiway lights in the future?

Dear Development team,
You guys are purely…amazing for coming up with all that makes Infinite Flight…well…Infinite Flight. Just one question. Is it possible in the future to develop taxiway lights at an airport? Is there a formula for doing so or do you have to go to each airport individually to create the lights? I know that I can just as easily change my time settings to make it bright out to see easier, I just like flying in real time is all.


A frequent flyer.

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If you want taxiway lights to come, you can vote for them in the thread below.

Unfortunately, I have no heard of any word about developers working on taxiway lights. They are still finalizing stuff for the TBM 18.5 update and working on the split scimitars for the 737.

I still want to be able to taxi at airports at night, so I do hope they come in the future.


Thanks mate. That was really helpful. I was taking off from KPDX this morning in real-time at 6:30…and I couldn’t even see the tarmac. I was pretty much ‘aiming for the bushes’ when it came to finding the runway lol!!!

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