Taxiway lights are lowkey needed urgently

So a couple hours ago I was at Abu Dhabi preparing for a flight to Manchester, and my entire 45 min on the ground was in 200 m visibility. It was sooooo difficult to get to the runway; I nearly went on dirt at one point and had to use push back to get myself out of the mess.
Paradoxically, setting the time to midday made visibility worse and the screen more painful to look at, as the light reflected off the virtual particles and produced a blinding white haze. I set the time to 20 min after sunrise which did little to improve the situation.

However, once at the runway I was no longer lost. Movement was far easier…I rewound the clock back to dark sunrise (visibility still 200m btw) and the path forward couldn’t have been more obvious–all thanks to the runway edge and centerline lights.

the fog effects are truly beautiful. I mean that, they look very realistic. But weather is something we can’t control on live, unlike the time of day. On the ground, severe fog makes playing the sim just about impossible

I know there is a feature request topic, I HAVE LIKED IT. I’m merely describing a personal experience to hopefully push the request through to reality before I forget the situation lol


I’m afraid making a topic isn’t going to make the developers speed up. They’re trying their hardest with the resources they have, and if we rush them then the product may wind up incomplete or short of satisfaction. I’m sorry to hear you had this experience, but I assure you they’re on the way! 🤞🏽


Once project metal comes out, they will be able to add them

Thanks ;)

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One way I have helped mitigate this issue was to use the HUD map at maximum zoom as you can see the taxi ways on the map

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We all share your pain…I hope the IF team can find some help with their development time line and finally get these long awaited upgrades into the working sim.

Its frustrating to have to change the time from night to day and back again just to taxi and get airborne.

I’ve been constantly mentioning separate taxi light function as have others , because it gives you a bright reference focal point in external view with low visibility conditions. Part of the same issue.

Fingers crossed these issues are getting worked on full time and not once a week in the spare time. IF is in reality a retail service/product.


You can vote for Taxiway Lights here:


It’s the same problem as with everything else: yes, the can add them into the game, but the performance cost, which would mean loosing customers with low-end phones, might be too big. Project metal aims to give room for that and in the 2020 recap video it is clear that the lighting engine has been changed to look even better. Whether that was because of the fact that it was rewritten from scratch or the optimisation gave way for it’s improvements is not known, however no shots at night were shown and coupled with the fact that Philippe - Co-CEO and somebody working directly on the new graphics, as said by Laura in a recent interview on .NET rocks, - has posted this to his twitter seems to suggest they might just come. For now though, just switch the time to day for taxiing

Taxiway lights and dynamic lighting have been one of the most requested features on the forum, and I think the devs have certainly taken note. They want these features to be in the game as much as we all do!

I’m sure one of the first things that we’ll see when Project Metal starts being rolled out is an update (like we had for our aircraft) on taxiway lights and dynamic lighting. Because like you said, it’s not just an aesthetic feature any more. It’s become a noticeable limitation - and one of the main reasons I don’t do night flying in the game. Project Metal will give the devs the tools they need to develop this feature to the fullest into something we can all be happy with. I think Philippe had in fact posted some experiments with dynamic lighting on his Twitter account. So it’s being worked on for sure.

Until then - we’ll have to wait and watch. But once again, I’m pretty sure the way that this gets done quicker is enabling Project Metal to fully roll out and take shape so they can get the job done efficiently.

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Had this weird dream just today… I dreamt we kept on getting IF updates in the store almost every couple of days, I thought they were just hot fixes. But then each time I open IF I began to see tiny changes here n there. It’s when I saw the lights were up in the airport then I realised that those hot fixes were actually project metal being implemented step by step :D

Oh well, I guess I need a life lol (said it before anyone does!)

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Of course! I always taxi into the grass in low visibility since there’s no taxi lights.

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