taxiway lights and airport map

even with my brightness on 40% almost burning my eyes and yet i can’t see the taxiway properly,.

after existing the runway contacted ground requesting taxi to parking, got the permission and like two seconds later i was told ‘do not cut in line’ i stopped and send a ‘standby’ command and then got a clearance to continue taxi so i did, few seconds later was told ‘please expedite’ and all the time i was looking around me to see if there’s any aircrafts i am sorry sir but i am driving a large jumbo jet, my speed was about 16 kts since the parking gates were really close and i can’t see properly ;.; and the ATC commands were confusing me so i couldn’t focus! and then i got in the parking area but i didn’t realize i was actually driving through the gates until ground said ‘thats not a taxiway’ it’s so embarrassing i had to make a slight turn to get into the taxiway and then park to the gate,.

another thing i kept wondering about is when you spawn you can choose your parking gate, it’s would have been nice if we can see the parking areas on the destination airport so we can add it to the flight plan! therefore when you exit the runway you know where to go! there are many airports and i am not familiar with every airport map and unfortunately when we pick the airport for arrival we can only see the runaways and the center we can’t see the full map of the airport so we look like idiots searching for where the parking is when we arrive lol,.

that’s the only downside about night flying ;.;


Vote here if you want taxiway lights and airport maps.

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Agree lack of taxi way lighting is frustrating. I always set the time to ‘ noon’ when on ground ops to ensure I don’t have an issue.


Agreed. Blue taxi lights and an active taxi map to reference would make night maneuvering on the ground much more realistic.


I understand that adding clouds could significantly affect performance on certain devices.

Can the devs add taxiway lights and make it a graphics option in settings?

To add to that, the devs could add an option to display frame rate in the app?

PC sims such as FSX have such an option. It allows you to see how different graphics settings impact your frame rate and make adjustments accordingly.

this is a mobile game…

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