Taxiway in the dessert?

Practicing a power off near Dubai I managed to make a soft landing in the dessert. However I got a level 1 violation for overspeed on the taxiway / ground …

You can’t go above 35 knots anywhere on the ground that is not a runway. Make sure to land on a runway!

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So that is the scenery not loading, not the dessert probably. Once the scenery doesn’t load, it does not sense that you are on a runway, so it thinks you are overspeeding.

Edit: Or as @Balacachini said there may have not been an airport there.

@skye, the OP said that they were practicing a power off scenario and thus decided to purposefully land on terrain (no airport).

@PHMEL, the first reply up above is correct. You’ll want to practice these emergency scenarios on the Casual Server or in Solo Mode to avoid receiving violations. That being said, the XCub is able to land on terrain without receiving violations as it lands on non-strips all the time IRL.

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Oh okay, sorry about that.

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