Taxiway Idea (includes ATC suggestion)

Hello Everyone,
For the past couple of weeks as an IFATC controller, I’ve thought of ideas that could make controlling and taxing (for pilots) much more clear.

As you know taxiways are a basic road, to get to the runway or parking. I’ve had pilots meet face to face because they taxied a more complex route.
This is a suggestion to ease being an ATC controller and pilot especially when visibility is 0.
I know putting the exact signage will be a total mess because you need to get loads of airports charts.
So see the picture(s) below

A colour coding system wouldn’t be so bad for the ATC side of things, it would clear up accidental face to face meetings, and make the gameplay a tad more REAL.

Say this does go ahead,
Receiving this as a pilot.
This would clog up the logs if we said “taxi to Runway 34L via blue 2, orange, green4 and hold short runway 34L, contact tower when ready”
So maybe having it like “taxi to 34L, contact tower when ready” and in your minimap, it can have traced coloured markings where to follow.
As for markings on the ground. Don’t colour the asphalt/concrete.

This is my first Feature request so if i need to edit anything please Message me

Hope this is considered or perhaps talked about to an extent.

Amazing Idea! This will help when i try to be professional on TS but have someone taking off into me on the taxiway thinking their lined up! Used my last vote for this!

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Thanks for your opinion, and using your last vote 😛

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