Taxiway Glitches

Not sure if it’s known or just me - I’ve reinstalled the sim 2 times this week but still get taxiway glitches at Prague (LKPR) and Kuwait City (OKBK) - I was taxiing to the runway of both airports and the plane just plunges down and crashes in the middle of the taxiway.

If it’s already known just close this topic!

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Have you already tried restarting the device? I flew in both airports and nothing happened to me.

Yeah I just restarted the device and still the same issue - ah well it must just be me! I’m not sure what to do now! I reinstalled the sim today and restarted the device just after the issue - I don’t want to resort to factory reset as I use the device for work also!

It’s not just you!! Is this the same issue?

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Try reinstalling the app a 3rd time and fly in another aircraft and see what happens.

Exactly the same! I’m not sure what is happening! Luckily I disconnected before the speed went up!

I’ll try spawning in a different aircraft first before I reinstall again and see if it happens

So the devs are working on fixing this but apparently there is no clear fix at this time.

• Does this happen at every airport or just those two listed?

• If you control there, do the taxiways still glitch?

I’ve just tried 3 different aircraft at the both airports I’ve had the issue with and it still persists at Kuwait City but not Prague - I don’t control there but if I find someone that does I’ll ask them about taxiway issues! I taxied the same route at both airport and at Kuwait the glitch is always at the same area so I’m not sure what is happening but hopefully it’ll get fixed with the next update!

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What device are you using? That may help the devs to solve the problem.

iPad Mini 3
Latest iOS update
WiFi is 50mbps
10gb free

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