Hey guys,
First of all, do you know where is the #features ? I search it on the category when i wanted to redige this post but i didn’t see it…
Please, can IF add all taxiways and gate to airport? When we are in the game. At least in big airport because sometimes when i go out of runways, after landing, i don’t know where i’m suppose to go so i arrive in a place for light aircraft or somethings like that. It will more nice and realistic if we can know witch terminal, gates is for witch companies,… So, the ground ATC will have more job to do because it will not just “resquesting taxi to parking,…” it will be really really cool if we can look at the screen on the plane to see taxiways and the gate we are going to.
Thanks !!


Yeah nice concept !

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You can’t add anything to #features because your TL1

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Ohhhh ok i understand hhaha thanks

Your very welcome !

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He can still view the category though. This topic is a duplicate, you can vote for it here:

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Ow thankss!!

Never mind, the first one was an addition to another feature request.

@Kiady just a friendly tip, in the future utilize the search bar, sometimes things will be worded differently then how you word them, and if you cant find a feature you’d like, once you’re the proper TL be sure to post it in #features and make it a good quality detailed thread to get peoples attention/votes, have a good day.
PS: If you have any questions don’t hesitate to PM me and ask:)


But I really like your concept very useful for group events 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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As a tip, before you start your flight if you search for the airport charts for your arrival and departure airports you can see where all the gates and taxiways are to help with your planning.

Happy landings.


That’s a problem but u can solve it with the airport charts, keep them near when u are taxiing to check which gate fits u

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You are still, like me, trust level TL1. You can not post in #features or #real-world-aviation until you are trust level to. Just keep posting, liking, and replying and you’ll get there!

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Ok no problen i’ll do it😊

Hey! And where do you see the airport chart?

Yes!! Thanks😊

Okaaay thanks!!😊

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Just google what terminal so XX use at XXX, and look at some charts. Would add realism though

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hey! it’s interessant can you explain a little bit?

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Well, say you’re flying BA from LGW-CDG, and CDG has ATC. You ask taxi to parking, but before descent you’ve googled What terminal do British Airways use at CDG and an answer will come up. You’ll also have looked at the taxiway charts and they will tell you what taxiways to follow, for example at EIDW to get from landing on RWY28 to Terminal 2, you follow Sierra-5, Sierra, and Alpha.
For CDG, let’s say you’ve landed at 25R, to get to Terminal 2C (BA), you google this :

and take your pick of taxiways to get to your terminal.

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