Taxiway diagram

Hello Infinite Flight Community! How are you doing?
Today I’d like to show you an idea that has occurred to me lately. Sometimes, when you are IFATC and you have certain active runways for departure, you want people to cross a runway at a specific point or just let them where to taxi, for example taxiway Alpha and Bravo are parallel to runway 26L, then you want to use alpha for intersections and bravo for full-length take offs.

The airport diagram use for this would be really important so it is more realistic and also easier to organize. I guess this is best for Expert Server, so we don’t bother with more things to the lower rank people trying just to practice.

In this case, the ATC communication also has to be modified, so Ground Frequency can tell the pilot the route to the runway and where to hold short (for example in a runway of 12000ft you don’t always need a cessna 172 to take off from the end, and if you make him take off from an intersection that could make the operation faster lining up aircraft behind which requires more length). This was just an example.

I completely understand that this improve would cost a lot of work and I don’t think it’s so easy to make, also thinking about users with a mid-specs device, it would be harder to run with more things.

But I am not asking for air navigation charts, it is just airport diagrams, that we could try in few updates and if it works along with communication between ATC and the pilots it could be added from time to time at different airports. Also I would be willing to help a lot with it (if someone teaches me how to do those things haha). Again I am sorry and I feel that this would be terribly hard work to make and if the developers doesn’t agree to do it I completely understand.

I hope I was clear, as for my english is not the best because my origins are non-speaking english country. If you have any question feel free to ask here or to DM me.

Regards to everyone :)

So an example you are stating is, say for example, if you want an aircraft to taxi to a specific taxiway, are you wanting the atc to say "taxi via (taxiway), hold short (taxiway), or a mixture of both?

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These seem pretty similar IMO


I was about to suggest this too…
Its very similar to this post.

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Hi there. I already have a set of airport diagrams showing the taxiways. Check this list

All airports edited in IF are included. Cut/slice/dice the data to find the airport you want then click on the links. I am publishing for every commercial airport

  1. Airport map of all Infinite Flight spawn points AND taxiway names (PARK)
  2. Link to all routes associated with that airport (Route)
  3. Link to official Navigraph charts. (Nav)

Hope this helps.

P.S. It is FREE!


That’s what I mean. It could be a simpler capacitive system, so it doesn’t affect the speed of the commands

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As @Delta319 said, I believe this is a duplicate. The only difference is your’s does not provide a way to select the taxiways like the OP of that other topic does.

seems very similar to “Drag and Taxi” Feature