Taxing to my gate in 1 mi visibility

hey uhh.

I’m about to land at at LAX with my 757 and I have APPR mode ready NAV 1 and need help onto how I will taxi to the gate. Any tips?



take it slow and use you map, if you can pull up a chart on a computer or something that would also help. Follow the taxiway lines and you should be fine.

Hey Chris!

Quite the unique question you have here! While we are in the air, low visibility is huge, planes literally move at 100’s of feet in seconds! When you are on the ground, however, even the smallest visibilities usually allow you to see a short way ahead of you!

Check out the Airport Diagram for KLAX and as Delta18 said, take her slow and easy all the way to the Terminal! Happy Landings!

You can find the chart in this PDF ;)

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Follow the tips as stated. Good luck and wish you the best…

Turn your time to nighttime. It will massively help. Go full brightness

Also just to clarify, Will APPR help me with a more stable approach? It’s my first time with it.

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It will autoland the plane. Just watch speed.

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