Taxing through other aircraft

Hello idk what topic is this but I arrived in Manchester after a 13 hour long haul from Singapore and did expect to have ATC. But as you know sometimes noobs or other players think that just because there’s no ATC they can do what they want. Below you would see this player taxing through me instead of making a left next taxiway. I think if ATC was present they would’ve told him the same: “CALLSIGN , Turn left next taxiway” but unfortunately no ATC control was present but I still decided to bring this to their attention so they can know what goes on on the Airport. This guy deserves the following violation: “Taxiing Through Other Aircraft “. Hopefully these players would comply with the game rules and not do what they want. This is a not a game. It’s a simulator. It’s supposed to be someway similar to real life.

Username: Umesh_kerala86


Yes, this is an ongoing issue and many people do this. This can’t really be helped except to give people kind reminders to do it the right way.

On the other hand, please don’t call out the person that did this. This can be embarrassing and can start some unnecessary drama. It’s not real world, its not physically hurting anyone… so please refrain from calling people out.

Thank you and have a nice day.


I understand this is frustrating but another avenue you could use at this point is PM’ing the pilot in question and discuss about it.

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Ok I will thanks

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Some people see it as a simulator, others see it as a game.

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