Taxing Speed on Servers


I was just wondering at what speed people tend to taxi at in servers. I know the limit is 35kts however I was wondering what people normally do.

Thank you!


I taxi at 20 knots on straight lines, and 8-12 knots in turns and on the ramp.
I hardly ever reach 35 knots, only while exiting the runway (high speed taxiway) and while back taxiing on the runway.

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Hi Concorde,

I suppose it alternates with different aircraft. With 35knts being the limit, I tend not go past 23knts on straights and no more than 9-10knts around corners. Though, travelling at 23knts in a Cessna 208 seems a little too fast, so I sometimes reduce it depending on the size of the aircraft.

But, 737-800= Straight: 22-23knts. Obtuse corners (180°-110°): 12knts Tight corners (90°) no more than 9knts. This is just me, but seems to be representative.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, very helpful!

Thank you, will bear that in mind!

I try 25 knots max., 15, 18, 20 knots normally (Depends if I’m rushing or not 😀).

Other scenarios include: Depends on the a/c but sometimes I might throttle up fast to 25 then let the plane coast down the taxiway (Only with the heading set on the center).

I take turns very slowly-1 to 5 knots usually.

I slow down to 25 knots before getting off the runway but if the exit is right by, I will turn fast and sharp to get off there (No more than 40 kts though)

Thank you, I sometimes pulse the throttle on bigger planes but slow down for corners!

I have noticed that the Cessna 208 needs to slow down for the corners!

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I taxi at 15-20knts (ground speed) and 10knts (also ground speed) on turns

Any airliner can go to 30 knots on the straight and 10 knots for a 90 degrees turn :)