Taxing space

So was wondering…is this a safe distance to leave when taxiing ?(on about the Turkish airlines 350)


I feel like this should be in #live idk

No he should respect social distancing and maintain a farther distance


Good rule of thumb is to have at least an aircrafts distance when taxiing. That way sudden stops won’t send you in the back of another aircraft

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So clearly the Turkish didn’t leave the space? What about me (Air Asia)

If you guys were moving, you may be a bit close but if you guys were in a line for takeoff, I’d say that’s fine

Erm in line to takeoff BA was stopped as were aircraft ahead then the Turk literally didn’t break until last minute n I made sure so he was aware I went about 7GS n he went faster then me

You look fine to me. Turkish is way too close.

Thanks . :) was so busy can’t remember what airport

You’re fine. Maybe a little further back, but no biggie.

The Turkish is way to close You’re at a good dist from the aircraft in front.

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mark the taxiways with “plane prints” for holding
in place 🙂

Good distance is about twenty maybe thirty feet, depends on the aircraft really.

You were good but the A350 was way too close.

I always go to cockpit view and use personal judgement to see how close I am. When you stop in cockpit view, you are a good distance away from the aircraft in front.

That is true to be honest

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If ATC catches this, the plane behind you will be prompted to maintain safe distance, so if you can get his/her attention somehow then you won’t have to worry about the plane behind you

I mean I got his tag if someone could find them n tell them?

Yeah try to search the controller right now up on the forum and just pm. Unless you’re on training server because training server has basically no authority 😂

Expert server always we love the “real” go arounds 😂😂