Taxiing with specific directions

So @Pilot_SK recently made a feature request of taxiway markings looking like this:

@Ersatzgott Had the idea of taxiway directions. This is not a double feature request. If taxiway markings - not signs - get introduced, we can have ATC give specific directions to taxi from the ATC screen. However, taxiways would have to be implemented in the ATC map for this to work. Basically, ATC would drag their finger over the path they would want you to take. This path could be added to your flight plan or you just have to memorize it and that would be the specific route you take to get to the runway they assigned you.
Thoughts? I know, it’s confusing.


Also, total credit to @Pilot_SK for this photo.

this would be awsome!!!

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Would be awesome, but the data is not in the airport files. All airports would have to be re-edited.


Yea, that’s the problem and a lot of stuff needs to be added until this is added, unfortunately :(

Pretty sure this is a dup/so similiar it’s not worth a new request. Let me know if I am off with that though