Taxiing to Parking Unicom Command

Hello all! I come to you guys to propose a new idea for unicom. I think it would be nice to have a “Taxing to parking” command. This is to let others around you know your intentions and your possible path so that they can avoid you. This just overall gives a nice awareness to everyone.

Hopefully you have a free vote!

I feel like this a great idea, however, it still wouldn’t be beneficial. When ATC is offline, the pilot(s) are then responsible for separation and avoiding others.


Hmm… seems pretty beneficial when I land at an uncontrolled airport IRL and I wouldn’t imagine it would change here. I spawn in and see a guy going down to a runway I hadn’t planned only to learn they are going to parking, this could help a lot. Let’s people know what I’m doing.

I’ve always wanted this. (I thought there was another topic for this but I couldn’t find it). Love the idea.


Yes, that’s IRL. In real life, you can probably just ask if anyone has the intention or currently using taxiway (XXX). In Infinite Flight, you have a map and name tags to utilize.

From that point of view, the same concept would apply for all Unicom messages, making it useless.

The main objective of Unicom frequency, is that pilots can announce their intentions, which is not something you can know for sure by just looking the map or a name tag.


Valid… but this is a flight sim, we want this as realistic as possible.

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Yeah, but “taxiing to parking” isn’t exactly labeling where your parking, does it?

It does state that you’re not heading to a runway.

We’re going off-topic, if you want to discuss further, feel free to PM me.

Also valid, but when you announce “taxiing to parking”, you can still bump into others… Making this part of their statement invalid:

I like the idea and it could be useful, but I don’t have a spare vote right now 🥲


But this could give each aircraft the proper knowledge of where the other is going therefore they can choose their rute to not cross paths. This in my opinion will lead to smooth ground ops. This just overall adds the sense of realism. Also, commenting on what else was said. Even though you cant announce what gate, praking for an airport is usually in one general area so it gives you and idea of their route and the taxiway they will travel.


At the end of the day, there will always be pilots that do not fully understand what is going on will cause conflicts. However, if you hear that someone is taxiing to parking, you will be able to plan around their route to avoid them.

I think this would be a nice addition to the Unicom menu. I do not think it is a super high priority, but it would definitely help with the realism of flying into an uncontrolled airport. Right now, I have a reluctance of flying into an uncontrolled airport because of these possible conflicts but this would help. I’m all out of votes but I hope this gets implemented.


Yeah I totally agree with this, either way, it’s not gonna change because there’ll always be pilot who doesn’t behave well. I think it’s best to announce it so that people can at least know your intentions, otherwise, things can get worse had you not announce your intentions


Sorry but I am really struggling to see your point here.

Take this situation for an example:


Plane A has just landed on 25L, and has vacated the runway.

Meanwhile Plane B is taxiing to runway 25R after leaving the gate.

Plane B would have no clue whether if Plane A is taxiing to 25R or the gate, and utilizing the “Taxiing to parking” command, Plane B would now that Plane A is heading towards the gates so he has to make way for them/let them pass them before turning onto the taxiway, otherwise there might be a collision on C8.

Of course this isn’t going to work all the time, with your logic, no commands in Unicom are helpful as there can always be a pilot that doesn’t listen.

I think this is a great idea and I highly support it.


Very well said @tunamkol. Unfortunately, I don’t have any votes to spare but I definitely support the idea.