Taxiing through invisible aircraft?

Hi, I’ve just received my first level 2 violation in years in infinite flight. When landing at busy airports I switch off the I’d tags so I can see the runway better on approach. When taxiing the ground controller didn’t tell me I needed to give way to any aircraft. When I changed camera view a plane appeared literally right in front of me. There was nothing I coild do and I inevitably taxied through the aircraft. Is there any way this can be repealed? This occured at EHAM at roughly 22:04.

Can you go to your logbook to se who the controller was?

Also, you can PM @appeals

Okay, I’ve got nothing against the controller as it obviously didn’t look good from.his/her perspective, but the plane literally appeared in front of me and I wasn’t given any progressive taxi instructions beforehand

Yep, as MJP mentioned, head to your logbook on the main menu for IF and check who your controller was. Search their username in the search bar and send then a PM :) They’ll be glad to give an explanation.

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If this happened at 22:04Z then your Controller was @Andrew_Swift Feel free to send him a PM if he was in fact your Controller.


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Please contact the controller (listed on your log) and/or @appeals