Taxiing Through An Invisible Plane

I wanted to make this topic to appeal a violation I was given at LAX on the expert server. I got a violation for taxiing through another plane, even though I couldn’t see them.

On the map, I saw a plane in front of me so I decided to go to the right taxi lane so we wouldn’t have any issues getting past each other. Little did I know that there was a plane crossing the 25R runway at that time. When I made a right turn into the other lane I checked the map again, and I realized that I was in the plane that was crossing 25R! I didn’t know until it was too late since I couldn’t see them without the map! I know it’s not the IFATC’s fault for reporting me as I did go through the other plane, but I couldn’t help it as couldn’t see them until it was too late. I’m not sure what to do now.

Please contact @appeals via PM and they will get this sorted for ya!

See Here:

Best of luck!


Follow balloonchasers advice above, but for the future, you should have the little airplane rectangles on if you’re at a busy airport with a lower plane count in your settings. This can prevent stuff like this. 😉

If you did have them on, ignore this entire message…


I didn’t have them on :/

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