Taxiing Confirmation


Hello folks, what i am requesting is in the picture. You know pushback process. After the pushback, pilots and the members of ground services are communicating about last controls. And i bet most of you saw that after the pushback and controls, ground attendant will confirm that everything is Okay 👍with his/her fingers.

What is the benefit here? Most of you see that pilots in IF taxiing without waiting for a few seconds.

In real life the process is; pushback, wait, checklist and controls, clearence, okay, taxiing etc.

In IF the process is; pushback, taxiing.

I dont say that lets put a ground attendant into the game;

What we need is a basic okay image on the screen 👍like that.

After the pushback, aircraft will have to wait for a few seconds or 1-2 minutes regarding to conditions. It will provide more realism. Serious aviationers can improve this idea and i can edit topic name or text. Thanks.

I see what you want, and I can relate, but in the world of IF, this is a much unnecessary add-on, compared to the ones we seriously need. Of course everyone wants realism, we can’t control how long people wait to taxi, once they’ve been clearance they can go… That’s it. It’s up to the pilots themselves whether they check or not. I do, FPL before pushback, controls and AP.

I agree this is not vital part for the game but it would be a nice detail. I have priorities too, but feature is feature. I am bored to see directly taxiing after pushback even with B747 etc. Okay maybe xcub can taxi in a shorter time but its not realistic for all aircraft.


This would be useless my friend. You naturally hold a little when using real procedure after pushing back but someone who wants to get faster to the hold short line or someone careless won’t give a chips about that.

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I respect your sights but now or in the future, we will need it. Once the priorities have been applied, there will be details in the priority queue.

In RWA, the guy next to your gate probably isn’t also ready to pushback right away and waiting for you to move.

It’s already painful enough when I have to wait for the inevitable duplicate pushback request from the guy you’re blocking in without adding more time for you to do a “checklist” behind him.


But finally its a mobile flight simulator right? Solutions are always possible and someone will request for realism. If it exists in real life, so i can request and i can hope. But i agree, we need to find solutions for ATC.

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Well, since humans already exist in cockpits, we might as well have this feature in the long run. After the addition of 3D buildings of course. I hope the folks will be well animated, as seen on P3D.

Here is a video on why it may be become a possible addition:

Credits to Zulfikar Harun for uploading this video.

Well if you wait to start your engines until you finish the pushback, replicating real life, then there is a built-in delay while they spool up. I use the time to set flaps, do a rudder, spoiler and aileron check, then ask for clearance to taxi once spooled up. It may be a bit shorter than the real life time, but it is still a good middle ground between zooming off immediately and backing up the apron.