Taxiing bugs

Issue 1 - Random Drifting During Taxi

During taxi, usually after landing, at a random point the aircraft will start drifting left or right as if being blown by crosswinds (except obviously, it's not). Makes it very hard to taxi.

Issue 2 - Steeper Left Turns Than Right Turns

In the 787 and the 777 especially, there is more turning angle to the left than the right - the right lacks so it is difficult to manoeuvre the aircraft during right turns. iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 10.0, v16.06.0
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It could be a problem if your hand is shaking all the time, that could explain issue 1.

No :) it’s not. I use rudder only anyway.

I have experienced issue 1, I wonder what’s wrong.

This is called the ‘floating point bug’ it will be almost or completely gone when global flight is released. It has also been discussed here: