Taxiing at towered airports


When an airport has an active ground controller, permission must be requested before any action is taking place, for example, when starting to taxi, push back, or cross a runway.

Every instruction sent by the ground controller must be complied with. Failure to comply can result in temporary ghosting from the server.

##Before Take off

  • Make sure you are tuned to the Ground Frequency of the airport you’re at
  • Send a Ready to Taxi message (start with Pushback if you’re in a Jet at a Gate)
  • Ground will respond with taxi instructions to an active runway, as well as an authorization to switch to Tower Frequency when ready.
  • Acknowledge the instruction by sending the Acknowledge message, then start taxiing.
  • Once you are 1st in line, for take off, contact Tower frequency. Select Back, then choose the tower frequency for your airfield.


  • You can chose a specific runway in the Request Taxi message. ATC will try to accommodate requests if traffic permits.
  • Never cross a runway without prior authorization from the control tower. Hold short of the runway, then send the Request Runway Crossing message. (stop well before your airplane is on the runway, there typically are lines across the taxiway that indicate where to stop)
  • Stay on the tarmac, no taxiing through the grass.
  • It is not necessary to ask for a frequency change from Ground to Tower when you are ready, you’ve already been authorized when ground issued the taxi instructions.
  • Do not contact tower before you’re next in line for take off. You can monitor the frequency, but do not request for take off yet.
  • Landing Lights can be on, but on the ground, Strobe Lights must remain off, especially at night to avoid blinding other pilots.

##After Landing

Upon landing, tower will instruct to exit the runway and contact ground. Switch to ground when you’re off the runway.
Contact ground and send the Request Taxi message. You can either ask to go to parking or back to another runway.


  • Make sure taxi past the hold short line before contacting ground
  • Runways are not a place to hang out on, try to exit the runway as soon as practical to keep take off and landing operations as smooth as possible.

A sample start to finish flight (Infinite Flight 101)
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At some airports there might not be a taxi way at one end of the runway especially if the weather has made it only possible to take off from the other end than normal.

First of all follow the instruction of Ground. don’t forget to Hold short of the runway and tune into Tower.
From Tower you will get clearance to back taxi.

Back Taxi ➡ Is only necessary at few airports, like EGLC, TNCM or TFFR. Since there is now holding short point at these airports, Tower will instruct pilots to Back Taxi, which means that you need to enter the Runway, taxi to opposite side of the runway, make A U-Turn and wait for Take-Off clearance.

           quoting dmitri yanovyanovsky educational post #6 from Facebook 

Here are some picture examples of what you do at TFFR Point a Pitre, Caribbean what this means.

you either enter from the left or right terminal

You get the command “Back Taxi Runway 12, line up and wait

That means as mentioned above that you are cleared to enter the runway, taxi to the end and turn and line up and wait.
See pictures.

After lining up in the right departure direction, hold position, you will get clearance for take off and depart safely.

Arguments Between Tower and Ground
Back Taxi Reminder

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