Taxiing at EHAM

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To keep this short. Some people don’t know what taxiway to use at EHAM. The main taxiways Alpha and Bravo are mostly used wrong. In the picture below you can see the directions of the taxiways.
Alpha, the inner taxiway is used clockwise while Bravo, the taxiway closest to the runway is used anti clockwise. Also note the small arrows on the taxiways between the terminals. They show how to enter the Aprons for each terminal. If there’s no arrow shown on a taxiway in this picture, direction of taxiing is at your discretion. I hope this helps to avoid collisions and miss understadings in the future.

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Thanks. This’ll be pretty useful as EHAM will be my base at the VA.

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But in the chart A is clockwise and B is anti-clockwise

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Oops, misinterpreted that. Your eyes are good ;)

Thanks for the notice!

A great rule of thumb that tends to work on parallel taxiways (assuming others are cooperative) is to treat taxiways like non-British (or British former colonies/spheres-of-influence) roads, by staying on the right hand taxiway.

While there are obvious exceptions that require a little common sense, it is a handy way to ensure a logical taxi route to the runway/gate in the absence of more detailed documentation.


Thank you very much for this short guide! AMS can be rather confusing with the amount and length of taxiways, so this is great advice!

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