Taxiing at EGKK

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Today I was controlling Ground at EGKK on the expert server and I had a few aircraft park at the south east end of the airport south of the runways. When they were taxiing to the runway (8L) they decided to taxi the way where they would need to cross both runways when there was a much easier option.
The red is the way they taxied and green would’ve been the way I preferred them to taxi. When you taxi on the red you need to cross both runways which are being used for arrivals and departures. Doing this causes a few things. It takes longer for the aircraft to get to the runway since they need to wait to cross (at a busy airport like EGKK this can take a couple minutes), it causes controllers to focus on something that is unnecessary and add to their workload, and it can cause delays for arrivals and departures. Always be mindful of your surroundings because it can make the controllers job easier and it can get you out of the airport quicker. Thanks for reading my topic.


Note. it’s maintenance area. Park there if you need repairing.


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08L/26R is a taxiway in real life, I’m sure you’re aware of that? Only at night during maintenance is 08L/26R in use for small to medium aircraft

When airports in infinite flight are busy controllers need to use all available runways so today in infinite flight we were using 8L and 8R at the same time.

There is no chance they can implement like real world…I try to direct 5 aircraft’s to 8R it was big fail and imagine how many aircrafts on events. Funny part I even changed my user name to say “you can taxi on 26R/8L” :)

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