Taxiing at EDDS

Creating unnecessary problem for air traffics, even if you don’t know taxing law, isn’t common sense near taxi way to runway is for arriving aircrafts to get off runway?!??!!? Check out the link below.

Sorry to say this but ppl having over 1million xp doesn’t mean he is experienced pilot after witnessing some.


It’s not exactly a widely established rule, unfortunately.

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Understood, but I thought the common sense would prevail ;)

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So did I. Then I joined IFATC 🙃


I’ve been ATC for EDDS a few hours today and I’ve been quite frustrated about exactly this. At some point at had no way for an aircraft exiting the runway to taxi to parking because aircrafts decided to use both taxi ways (so they could overtake eachother 🤬).
Tried to manage this via the give-way instructions, but didn’t always work.

In real life we can assign taxi ways, but in IF we don’t have this (yet?).

Would welcome a ‘keep left/right’ instruction for Ground.


Vote or else 😡


We need progressive taxi instructions.

But, for now, everyone should know that closest to the runway is for taxi to runway, inner taxiway for taxi to ramp.

(Personallly, if I see someone just attempting to jump by someone, they get a nice, long, gonna-make-myself-a-sandwich-while-you-wait “hold position.”)


Can’t it be added in the ATIS?
“Nearest taxiway to runway for arriving aircraft”
“Furthest taxiway to runway for departing aircraft”

I’m not IFATC, clearly, but I’m sure something like this could help…?

It wouldn’t be something added to ATIS. It’s more SOP than anything. (I know someone will say “but at this one airport they…” yeah, there are exceptions, not the point).

ATIS is more for things that change at the airport from one release (of ATIS) to the next, not for things that are always the same.

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An old post about taxiway etiquette.

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