Taxiing at 448ft?

Hi All,

While I was controlling at YMML today this happened to every aircraft. I’ve tried restarting IF and my device and uninstalling and reinstalling IF and the issue is still there. The elevation of YMML is 448ft, but it still looks like the aircraft is taxiing off the ground. Any ideas?


Can’t see from the pic, you mean the Aircraft was hovering in air while taxiing?

Could be scenery/elevation data missing…

I think it’s an optical illusion because we don’t have shadows in IF. The airplane probably is on the ground.

Melbourne Airport is approx. 433ft msl, that’s why the aircraft is taxiing at that height. Hope this helps!

Melbourne is 433ft msl as @Adam_S says what i think has happened is that you need to press clear scenery cache on IF settings

i hope i have been helpful and this has been helpful

Umm what? IF definitely does have shadows, maybe I’m miss interpreting something.


IF has shadows. I always see them and that is one of the good sides of current IF. If it didn’t exist we would have another feature request for shadow.


IF does have shadows.


Oh, you’re right. I withdraw my previous remark and I will remain silent for the remainder of the session.

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Clear your scenery cache on the general settings down below and restart your device. I hope this helps.

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