Taxi with strobes and other lights

does anyone else get bothered when people taxi with strobes on? Also what’s the rule with taxiing with landing lights since we don’t have taxi lights?


Yes I do I just turn on the strobed when I enter a runway


Lmao yeh and I think u can taxi with landing lights when it’s night time as we don’t have taxi lights I’m not too sure tho


Some pilots like to simulate the landing lights as the taxi lights at the ground, that’s why they turn the landing lights on. ;)

Some people actually make this mistake on turning the landing lights and strobes on, but in most of the cases, they simulate with landing lights as we don’t have the Taxi in the game


i hate to say its an annoyance, its more or less a pet peave

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They should add taxi lights


They should also add logo lights. That is more minor though than taxi lights.

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Ya no kidding. They wanna be more realistic, yet they lack so many features that are so very important.

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They’ve said multiple times that they are working on things like that. It takes time and we should be patient


Yep. It’s gotten to be a pet peeve of mine as well.

Welcome to the community! Totally agree! You can vote for the tail logos Here!

they lack so many. you ever fly at night and and theres like a haze on screen and ruins the flight

Ya ikr! Hopefully one day they will add more to make it more realistic.

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