Taxi way glitch

Hey guys, I am new to this forum. I would like to know why whenever I taxi/pushback on solo mode this happens

some times the taxiway lines disappear. Please can anyone can tell me why it’s happening.
The device I use is samsung tab 4


Are you talking about the 2 lines behind your plane?

No, look at the left side of the picture the green thingy is coming on the taxiway

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Other airports too

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The green thingy always comes on the taxiway when I taxi to the runway and taxi back to the gates

As a result I can’t see the taxiway lines

Here’s one more picture to show u what I mean


Maybe try reinstalling the app. That might sort it out.

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I tried uninstalling 3 times still this occurs

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Right. You’re sure that this is a legitimate copy of the app?

Yes I bought it on Google playstore for 5 bucks

And your android device meets all the requirements for the app?

My device is a samsung tab 4 running android kit kat 1 gb ram

8 gb storage

So should I uninstalling some apps

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Alright, will try that thank you so much for all the help, I really appreciate it

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Is it a Mali processor?


No its not

Hey, Sorry again I tried playing IF after restarting and closing some apps but it doesn’t work also I don’t have the option to upgrade to lolipop does anyone have some advice on it , I was busy with school I didn’t have time. Again Thank

I really love IF and want it to run smoothly without graphics problem