Taxi Way Bumps

I love the idea! Have wanted this to be implemented into IF for a long time, good feature request!

It would be kinda cool… But it’s similar to gear flex where the animation would have to be different to the type/speed and also the angle you’re going over it on. Be a bit of a struggle for the Devs from what I know. Apart from that I think it’ll be a cool idea.


Thank you very much for the support :)

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this feature will also include when u had a hard landing then to cockpit will bumps or shake hardly right?
This will be awesome, then u will be able to feel how fast when you are taking off…
Gonna remove the vote from A350 to this :)


It would be so so cool if they could implement this and the features you have suggested!

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Yes just bumps on each surface that the plane will taxi/takeoff on

I don’t think people understand what this is.
Look closely at the runway surface:


Just bumping this request. I was just flying from Houston yesterday and the taxi way was very bumpy. It would add a whole level of realism to the sim if this was added!

Do you want this added too? Vote above!


I went ahead and removed an old vote for this. This feature request needs more attention, and here’s why:

  1. The sound portion of the request is already in existence on runways in IF. Therefore, it is possible to transfer, or create some new sound bites for taxing on taxiways.

  2. IF is constantly getting better. In all aspects. sure all aircraft don’t have wing flex, but the devs are working to get there with reworking aircraft, and making the game as realistic as possible. This is one step closer to that goal, and one step closer to making the game even more realistic, without adding in anything crazy like 3d buildings, or anything like that, just yet.

  3. Wingflex: nothing is easy. Programming wing flex on the ground isn’t implemented yet, and it is a lot easier said than done. But hey, we have an amazing dev team, and if they want to make this happen, you know they can make it happen!

What are you all waiting for? IMO, I’d rather have this right now than an a350 :)


Agreed in every point you made! Thanks for the great reply!


I think this would work more if there was an internal cabin view because you don’t here that to much in the cockpit

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Well for me it’s not about the noise. It’s about the physical bumps causing the plane to bounce, especially the wings. All though a cabin view would be great to view the wings going up and down when hitting a bump, the current wing view is enough for me :)

It’s slightly incredulous to me that the addition of taxi bumps …so that we can hear a little audio file with presumptive realism…is of more consequence than 3D buildings …control towers …and other accepted features in a location where a runway is paramount …let alone when you are descending to a barren landscape from a satellite quality skyscape to arguably the most important phase of any flight after takeoff …the actual last 1500 odd feet till you finally touchdown at the chosen airport of your destination…IMHO…whether you go over a taxi bump or not on your way to parking is immaterial and should only be considered a low priority in the hierarchy of what is really of the most crucial elements to add the most meaningful realism to ultimately rival a pc quality avsim on a mobile platform !!!

As I said it’s not the audio, it’s the physical features. I do agree that 3D buildings and other features should be added. But do you invision Infinite Flight with 3D buildings within a year? I don’t think so, and that’s not to say oh the devs can’t do it, because they most definitely can. But adding 3D buildings takes a long time. They don’t just appear, and it’s not easy to add them.

Before the devs start going off and doing 3D buildings and that kind of stuff, they need to work on the building blocks of the sim, like plane reworking/adding aircraft, things like clouds and tire smoke. Taxi way improvements such as lights, bumps etc. These things are the things the devs should focus on before adding 3D buildings because once they add the buildings, everything will already be realistic and the sim will be amazing.

So from my point of view, these should be added way before you mentioned it should be.


Google earth had so much trouble with putting up 3D buildings on there program when the 3D building option first started I can imagine it would be the same for infinite flight

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IMHO…the addition of tactile sensory input from the sim would be much more complex to program in than 3D architecture… query… what tactile response do you ever receive from the sim now… when you go off the runway… you only know it from a visual clue…ie… you see it happening with your eyes…there is no tactile element to alert you… almost everything with little exception is totally visually based…audio files are predominantly for the engine sounds for each specific aircraft if possible and the ATC com interactions …so to be able to feel a taxi bump would be akin to adding an alert strip to a rwy like there are to terrestrial highways… when you are about to go to far over to the side… in any case… any type of tactile sensation would require coding of the pc quality of an Xplane… and could only be realized if a major part of the sim was overhauled… and as far as wingflex…that is also totally visual…so in conclusion… unless you want to wait another year or more for a plethora of tactile elements to be added… in between new and old aircraft renovations… you are a ways off from any change of that magnitude !!!

First off, do you think adding 7 billon buildings to the sim is easier than putting bumps in the ground for 43 thousand airports? I think not…

In addition to this you say that it would only be able to be done on a PC sim. Well, that’s the current status of all 3D buildings in the world as well… I don’t see 7 billon buildings that are an exact copy of their real life building on a mobile platform.

Your argument is invalid in this case, however it is valued. I thank you for your opinion and if you have any more to add on please take it to PM so that we don’t clutter the thread with argumentative posts.

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Well, taxi way bumps don’t have to be physical bumps! I thought of it more being implemented by adding more movement to the camera, simulating bumps and going over them. The faster you go the bumpier the camera gets as you would be going over more bumps.


U got my vote!! Why do we need the cockpit to be still while taxiing? That’s boring. Adding bumps can make it more realistic 👍 also bump sounds with that

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oh 100% yes!!! you have my vote everyone would definitely love it!!