"Taxi to rwy xx and contact tower"

This means you taxi to the hold short line at the assigned runway and you then change to the tower frequency. The nose of the plane should not cross the hold short line. If your front wheel is on the line it means you are too far and it’s a runway incursion.

This does not mean:

  1. Taxi towards the runway and when you are 3000 feet away, change to tower.

Why? They ground controller may still need to issue you a give way command or change instructions due to ground traffic.

  1. Taxi towards the runway and request frequency change.

Why? You were already instructed to change frequency. Get to hold short line or end of the line and then change frequency. You don’t have to ask

  1. Ignore ATC when they tell you to stay on their frequency

We are not looking to play tag between tower and ground controllers. Please just follow instructions.


Thanks for this! I’ve noticed this has become a problem around busy airports.

Happens a lot in TS but unfortunately we ATC trainees have to deal with it 🙃


I am controlling LIRF on expert and there is plenty of this going on today, which is what prompted this. Don’t be too jealous!


It also puts tons of tags on the tower controllers screen that don’t need to be there. FNF, a tower controller can have up to 20 tags and have their most recent call outs go to bottom of list

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Surely this happens a lot, but I think it’s because people easily arrive at the expert server without any experience or at least without having enough time in the training server to learn at least how to communicate with ATC, I’ve seen people with only 20 flights accomplished and innumerous landing and is already in the expert.

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He’s pointing out things you should not do :)

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when you’re ready…as instructed. Not as soon as you stop at the line.

So, ATC please refrain from instructing me to contact tower while I’m finalizing prep for takeoff 😉

You should not take too long to send your request to tower as they might already have plans to get you departed on a gap they got from arrivals, IF isn’t Real Life where you would need to make thorough checklists while holding short, but I’m sure @lurker can elaborate on what i mean.

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I agree. We will give you leeway when you get there but if there are 5 aircraft behind you and inbounds on final, we might ask you to move it along!


Yes, thanks for this much needed clarification. I feel like some people misinterpret “contact tower when ready” as a clearance to switch to the tower whenever they feel like it- even when they are 3000ft away XD. Perhaps the command should say “Taxi to runway xx, contact tower when ready at the runway or end of the line” to help clarify things in game.

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THANK YOU!!! I hate it as a Tower controller when an aircraft switches to my frequency just after leaving the apron. Certainly I tell them to contact Ground again, but it’s TS, so what can you do?

Regarding the passing the hold short line issue, is it correct if you tell them You have not been cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway?

Yes. I guess it also depends on how bad it is. If it is on expert and it causes a go-around it will lead to a ghost.

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Like lurker said, yes it is. However, be prepared for strange responses on the advanced server. Sometimes people on that server think taking-off is a way to “exit the runway.”

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If you’re alone, spend the day there, I don’t care.

If you’re holding up 10 people making a flight plan you should have been making at the gate, take off. (This is just an example of something I see. I obviously can’t know what you, specifically, do.)

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Happened a few times yesterday at LICC when I controlled. Hopefully more people see this.

Imagine being a controller trainee lol

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