Taxi to Runway

i am now grade 1 pilot.and i have face problam.when i take and landing.take texi to the gate.i dont know before takeoff and landing how to prepare my plane to the runways correctly.pleas add option to texi instrurction line who will help me to the runways easly.

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Hi there @Asad_08! First off welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you need help my PM box is always open.

Now for your questions.

Do you need help on readying the plane for departure and landing?

Do you want a feature added, or do you need help on understanding how to taxi?

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Hello @Asad_08, Welcome to the community.

Here is a great tutorial attached below with some information on taxiway markings. This may help you get to the runway and will certainly be helpful as you increase your grade.


Welcome to the community!

All the tutorials are available in Infinite Flight’s youtube channel.
For the one you requested, watch this video by Infinite Flight on how to pushback and taxi to the runway.

Happy flying :)


thanks for informantion for texi.but i have one question
more for can we know which gate will our plane.ATC just say texi to runway 27L or 27R.they dont tell us which gate we will use for texi.pleas informantion me to about this.

You mean which taxiway to use? The route you take is up to you.

That is all up to you, when you become more experienced like Grade 3+ With IFATC, they have ATIS information for the airport, for now its all your choice which runway to use (ps- the green runways are the ones you should use in most cases)

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