Taxi to parking

When should I request taxi to parking? While I’m on final approach? Or while slowing down?


It should be once you are off the runway.


Once you get of the runway.

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come to a stop after you cross the hold line right off he runway, contact ground and request taxi to parking.

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This is a big problem I’ve been seeing on the expert server.

  1. Stay on tower frequency until you completely vacate the runway and pass the hold short line.
  2. Switch to ground and request taxi parking.

Personally, as long as you completely vacate the runway and contact ground, I don’t really care if you request taxi to parking or just keep rolling and taxi to parking yourself. Just do not switch to ground until completely off the runway.


MaxSez: See IF Chief Pilot Denton’s Tutorial “Understandig Airport Markings”.
(Note: A Rwy Hold Short Line is 2 sided Side A) Solid Bar, Taxiway side, don’t pass without clearence B) Checkered Bar, Threshold Side, Pass w/o clearence, stop prior to Taxiway entrance Req Clnc to Taxi. (Controlled Airports-Uncontrolled Airport Send intent via UNICOM menu)

(Caution: Nose wheel or any portion of the airframe on/over the Solid Bar is an encroachment a Ghosting violation on the Expert)


Never do if on final because you might have to go around or some mistake might happen that would make you crash.

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You can’t contact ground in the air. The only way is if the tower controller sends a message to contact ground through his quick response list.

Requesting taxi to parking on final approach… that’s a new one

Well, some may contact ground in the air.

Is that even possible?I don’t know if the system will even let you contact ground frequency in the air, let alone Tower will let you. If you’re in the airspace, then you’re contacting tower.

I know what your thinking but if some unruly person take off and lands at the same airport without changing the frequency?

That’s something completely unrelated. This guy is saying if he does a normal flight in Infinite Flight, when should he switch frequencies and request taxi to parking the flying inbound. What your saying is he took off without contacting tower or Unicom if that’s what was available, flew around, and landed back again, never changing to any approach, tower, or Unicoms the entire time. There really isn’t any way he can contact ground from the air in his situation