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Hey guys.

Just landed in Indianapolis after a flight from Memphis during the FNF and was told to exit the runway and contact ground on the taxiway (as per usual), so I exit the runway, contacted ground a little bit late though, and requested taxi to parking (while i was still rolling off of the hold point onto the main taxiway to the apron and gates), and i was told to wait for clearance before taxiing.

I’ve never had this happen before (both on expert and training servers), as i usually just do the same - roll off the runway onto the taxiway and request taxi to parking as im still rolling.

So should aircraft hold at a stop (obviously past the hold short point) on the taxiway after exiting?

I don’t want to contact the controller, simply want to know if I need to do this in future.



I don’t really know. I think you hold away from the more populated taxiway, but not ove the hold line.

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Yeah see thats what i thought that the controller must’ve thought I should’ve done, although I was in a 777F, which made it impossible for me to exit the runway onto the hold point, without entering the taxiway, as my tail would still be on the runway.

The standard legal procedure is stopping after the hold marker to request taxi, but I know many IFATC including myself will let you roll out and request taxi to park while still moving to help expedite traffic. In the end, its a risk you are taking because you might get ghosted, so next time stop after the hold short line unless you know the controllers controlling methods


It could’ve been an mistake on the controller’s part as I’m sure the airport was very busy. They probably meant to give the instruction to someone else. You did everything correctly in terms of exiting, switching to ground, then requesting taxi to parking.

You should contact the controller. Everything we will say is speculation until the controller in question can clear the air.


Ok I will contact the controller now.

Thanks guys :)

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