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I recently landed in EDDF and when I switched from the tower to the ground, I chose a gate that I wanted to go to (Terminal 1, Concourse A WEST Gate A54, the ground gave me clearance to this gate (see in the PICTURE -Chat) but the path does not lead to the specified gate but rather to Terminal 1, Concourse A EAST Gate A23.

Could this be an error or that the ground controller did something wrong?

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  • Vinny

Device: IPad Air (4. Generation)
Operating system: IPadOS 17.4

As a training server ATC I can vouch for the IFATC controller, sometimes trying to draw the taxi path with the new drag and taxi feature is very difficult and doesn’t always draw correctly, especially on small screens i.e phones.

Just checked the airport editing wise, it is technically fine.
Most likely it is as said before a handling issue.

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