Taxi to End of Runway Command

Sometimes, aircraft think it’s a good idea to not taxi to the very end of the runway. I think a “Please taxi to end of the runway” would be a good command to use. Why?

Let’s say we have a 7,000 foot runway, and a 77W decides to not taxi to the end of the runway, even though you know well enough that it might go off the end of the runway if it takes off from that point. There’s no command to tell them except “Taxi to runway”, which they’ve already did. So for that reason, I think this command would be a good idea.

Should also be a vacate at end atc option for similar situations but on landing.

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Good idea, but it probably won’t solve the problem of people not listening to ATC in this scenario unfortunately, nothing’s perfect.

There already is a command for this on tower frequency. “No intersection departures allowed”. Plus that is more realistic than bluntly telling a plane to taxi to the end of the runway.