Taxi Speeds/ Taxiing behaviour !

It happens every time on every airport ( Expert server): I am at the gate, preparing the flight and the plane for pushback request, another aircraft position itself next to me, then 1 second after being at the gate requests pushback, then pushback, immediately after request taxi and then taxi like crazy with the maximum speed allowed in IF, most of the time between 25-30 kts. That is so unrealistic! Why so many pilots here think there is a formula 1 race going on on the way to the runway?? You do not get any price for being No.1 at the runway! If there are parallel taxiways they all think they have to overtake everyone to be first in line for takeoff! Look how many do such crazy turns that they nearly lose control over their aircraft. Don’t know about Airbus, but Boeing recommends 10 KTS FOR TURNS UNDER DRY CONDITIONS.
And please read the box marked in red saying something about distance between 2 aircraft.

Have you ever seen a race between aircrafts on a real major airport with a lot of traffic on the ground ? I have not.




Selfish people will be selfish people 🤷🏼‍♂️

Just do your best to ignore them, no matter how many times they piss you off.


I will admit, I do this quite often. I fly for Southwest Virtual and if you have ever flown Southwest they taxi around 25-30kts. I guess it’s just a thing


I usually do 25-30kn on long stretches of taxiway.

You are completely right, this has happened to me too, I see people who enter the game and in less than 3 minutes already want to be in the air, and forget that in aviation you can never have a prey, safety first.
try to just ignore them, I personally think these people should stay in the training server for a long time until they have the knowledge to reach level 3 and come by expert server, this would avoid all these conflicts, there are things that happen in the training server happening in the expert server and this disrupts us that we follow the rules at the letter

there is nothing wrong with taxing from 25 to 30 kts, the problem is that you should see if the conditions allow you to do so
you would not taxi with 25 kts having an aircraft in front of you taxiing with 20 kts, if it stops suddenly you could not stop your plane in time and cause an accident

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When you have to taxi to a runway that is like 10000 feet away and your taxiway is a straight one with no traffic around you then you might taxi that fast. I am speaking of the airports with live ATC that in general have a high amount of traffic on the ground and also not always the straight taxiway you might have in mind. And think about that you carry passengers or fright you are responsible for, surrounded by thousands of kilograms of fuel, in an aircraft worth hundred of millions of dollars. There is no room for taxiing like crazy, speeding up to 35 knots, breaking hard just to make the next turn in that amount of speed that you see the aircraft banking dangerously just to then accelerate again to max taxi speed! All what you will get is overheating brakes which result in a “delay take off message” or the even better procedure to leave the gear down after departure for several minutes resulting in a fuel burn double the amount then with retracted gear. Just to be the first at the runway.

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If i see someone I don’t overtake them but if I don’t see anyone ill do no more than 25 30 if i have somewhere to be but i haven’t experienced that also doing a lot of long hauls with over sized aircraft or flying southwest which never fails to be close to the runway for like no taxi time in my experience I haven’t seen this be an issue as i just focus on my aircraft and if the issue was that severe the IFATC would warn them so I could care less what other pilots do so long as they don’t hit me.


Same, I always hit 25-30 if I don’t need to turn anytime soon, like going from one end of the airport to the other along one taxiway.


Just like the taxiways to Runway 18R/L/C in Memphis. In that case, it would be okay to taxi around 20-25 knots

I’m always surprised how quickly people want to be in the air. Isn’t taxing part of the whole flying experience?

Of course, on big airports with long straight taxi ways you allow taxi speed to go up to 25-30 kts. Nothing wrong with that. But not on the platform!

Enjoy the ride!


in the game if you go over 30kts comes an alert, I’ve already seen it happen

Frustrating for sure, but I try not to let the actions of others dictate my experience or prevent me from operating safely. If they want to be in the air first - be my guest will get to my destination in due time. Best thing I can to do with live ATC is to make sure I’m following his instructions correctly so I don’t contribute to the problem. And so he can effectively manage his airspace and to keep the knuckle heads in check.

Rob O

I for the longest time ever thought it was wrong of 777’s and other Heavies to taxi 20-30kts but after have spent one week of only flying Cathay Pacific 777’s, and following realistic procedur to the maximum extent, I noticed that, since all Departures on Hong Kong Int’l takes place on RWY 07R, and many 777’s are parked at gates, far away, they have to taxi far, and they are then allowed to taxi between 20-30kts, where many taxi at around 25-27kts on the long stretch to get from one end to the other end of the runway.

I also noticed recently, that last summer, as I was on a Lufthansa 747-400 at Kansai. Well on my way home, it taxied all the way to the other from one end, so it reached 26kts and kept it’s speed at 22-27kts.

So it’s definitely fine to taxi that fast but what I find odd and unrealistic, is that many pilots in IF, with their Heavies, not small ones like B737 and A320, but 777, 787, A340 and A380 for an example, well many not all, right as they begin taxiing, they pound the thrust livers to maximum or whatever, reaching 30kts in matter of 1.35738848673876 seconds, like, hello? 100% N1 or what?

It’s quite unreasonable as well to taxi faster than 20 or even 15kts when you’re close to the Runway just because you want to take off first, like it’s not a race and just calm down, you’ll get airborne today, not tomorrow, so stay calm and don’t start racing like a 3y/o. This happens to me quite often, as many I’ve seen on IF trying to race me to the runway, but I taxi at my own speed, often times breaking in to let them taxi ahead of me to avoid possible collisions.

Anyways, the conclusion is that you’re allowed to taxi up to 20-30kts if you’re on a taxi route and the taxi routes is straight, and if it bends, slow down and turn slowly, thanks. Also don’t start your taxi with N1 100%, but 10% on the throttles, and slowly reach a speed that matches, your length of taxi, your type of aircraft and weight.

“Be Considerate Of Your Fellow Pilots, Respect Them The Way They Deserve To Be Treated, And You’ll Be Served With The Same Kindness Back One Day”


After 35knts an alert appears


I understand your concerns and frustrations. The racing to come first comes down to the fact users are ‘allowed’ to taxi at a speed up to 35knts. I created a post on taxi speeds a few days ago. What I gathered from other users was taxiing at 35knts is highly unrealistic and airports/manufacturers have ‘guidelines’ on what speeds to taxi at. I’ve called them ‘guidelines’ as from what I know there’s no set taxi speed limit RULES. (I.e. enforced by an aviation body as such). Maybe to enhance the realism on expert server the taxi speed limits should be adjusted to reflect those that are actually in place at airports


I’d have to check my logs to see where this was and who was atc etc but it was some time within the last 48hrs. The state of expert on ground play is a joke in my personal opinion. Neither of the users were ghosted or reported. If the issue arose from one user on one of the taxiways ‘pushing in’ then this should have been dealt with by atc. If there was the chance for the situation to arise I would have expected atc to tell one of the users to give way or hold position etc. For sure very disappointing and I’ve been reported and banned for a week for much pettier issues.

If that was directed towards my post, then I’ll reassure you, I’m not in the slightest way frustrated that other pilot may try to race me. I taxi at my own pace, a realistic pace, if they wish to race, then race. I’ve never really been bothered by such pilots. They do what they do, they get to the RWY first, I don’t mind, they may think getting to the RWY first is a race needed to be won, but I don’t think that way. I find it rather funny that people try to race me sometimes, and just for fun, I might increase my throttle little and slide it up and down a few times only to give them a adrenaline rush 😂

Now that is something I’ve only done once and surely the other guy began taxiing above 30 surpassing my 20kts, so I let him take off first as I usually do whether the other pilot is racing or not, I only focus on my plane, my flight and how the surrounding is behaving, to avoid collisions and etc…

I will not disagree with you but this situation has happened to me while ATC, I was controlling the both frequencies tower and ground, and I did not see the aircraft approaching the other.
I would like to remind you that as a pilot, you also have this responsibility to give way to the other aircraft, because the controller may be very busy and not notice these

I haven’t even read your post actually. It was far too long for me to bother with. Rest assured if I wanted to direct something at you I’d @ you into the comment :). My post is a response to the topic created but everybody can feel free to respond to my comment at any time :)

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