Taxi speed warning removed away from airports

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Currently, if you fly a Super D into the middle of the outback as a bush landing, you get a taxi speed warning, and possibly violation if you don’t slow down enough. My suggestion is that away from airports this would be removed, and could be implemented in one of two ways:

a) Taxi warning is only within airport boundaries, which are set by editors in WED

b) Taxi warnings are removed if you are outside a 10 mile circle from an airport

c) (suggested by @PlaneCrazy) remove the warning entirely for certain planes

Would be useful for bush flying

Or c) remove the taxi speed warning for certain aircraft.


For fighters planes you don’t have the overspeed alarm in your cockpit but the speed restriction is still valid until FL 400


I’m confused, what is the outback and what is a bush landing?

Outback is Australia and bush flying is GA flying over the country side. (Not 100% on bush flying could be wrong please correct me if it is)

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Its landing on unimproved or non existent runways, such as gravel banks or just mud


Not relevant to this feature

@Insertusernamehere… A “Skilled” GA Bush Pilot can launch and recover a Super D anywhere with out incurring a speed violation. Just Sayin!
Max Sends.

(There is a lag after the master warning sounds. Timing & Locked Brakes is the key)


Don’t worry Max, I can nail it with the stall warning blaring pulling a nice 3 pointer with no vio! But others I’ve flown with have struggled, and flying in high altitude or hot places like Denver the higher ground speed to airspeed can cause issues and so can bush flying a 172 or 208


We should do some flying when global comes, I dont have live until then due to pricing of global and stuff, I love GA though and I am pretty knowledgeable about it, pm me I’m working on a project you might be interested in.

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It was just a clarification

@Insertusernamehere… Neither the 172 or 208 are true “Bush Planes”. They have tricycle gear which requires semi-improved surfaces plus they have high stall speed. The 208 a STOL , stalls at 70mph/61Kt/113 Km that a stretch and a lot of speed bleed to get below 35mph, you may get it down but you’ll play hell getting it up w/o a violation or a strike. The 172 is a sporter, the airframe is not rugged enough for unimproved RWays.
Now the Suoer Cub with Tundra Wheels or the Porter are the go to craft for the Bush. Be nice if IF added them to the inventory for we outback aviators.
Regards, Max


A super cub would be awesome… A Carboncub would also be great, take off and landing roll is 60ft, but a 172 with a few VG’s strapped on can bush fly any day, see here. A 208 may not be a bush craft thoroughbred, but chuck it onto an unimproved strip or field and it’ll do just fine


@Insertusernamehere… I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the 172 & 208 capabilities as well as your interpretation of the term “Bush Flying”.
(We started this relating to overspeed violations. This has become regressive and off Topic. Opinions are like fagedaboutit… ). Regards, Max

(What’s your motto, "I’d rather be Right than president?) LOL

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I’d rather like to have stricter taxi speed warnings enforced, guess what some will do with their GA aircraft on taxiways being able to taxi how fast they want…?

Method a) or b) don’t have this issue :)

I’m still aftraid this might lead into a disaster

Here ya go everybody. This should be rolled out with the new XCub. Or sooner 😉